My Observations: Pasta and Pizza at NYSM Pizzeria

Apart from being a very long road named after the family that owns Banco Filipino, Aguirre Avenue inside BF Homes subdivision in Parañaque City is famous for being home to multiple types of businesses. Among those businesses are restaurants which easily attract both villagers and many outsiders to try out their meals, beverages and special stuff.

Recently my friends and I, on different times, got to visit an Italian restaurant along Aguirre Avenue called NYSM Pizzeria located at 262 Aguirre Avenue. Specifically the pizzeria is a short drive away from the Starbucks Phase 3 coffee shop and from a certain famous pizza restaurant.

The first time I visited NYSM Pizzeria was purely out of curiosity. After struggling with deciding what to pick from their menu, I ordered a pizza – the New England’s Best pizza.

The small New England’s Best pizza.

Composed of ground beef, pepperoni, mushroom, onions, bell pepper and sausage, the New England’s Best pizza tasted great! It was well cooked and its crust has that peculiar texture. It feels much more filling than a thin-crust pizza and yet it’s not as thick as a pan pizza. It just feels right to chew on and be satisfied.

In further visits, this time with friends, we tried their other pizzas and more of their meals and appetizers.

A slice of El Taco pizza.

The El Taco pizza pictured above truly lives up to its name as it almost perfectly captures the taste of the taco of Mexico. I like the way NYSM Pizzeria’s cook prepared the ingredients that gave it a very unique flavor for a pizza. I’ve tried other taco-inspired pizzas in other restaurants but NYSM Pizzeria’s El Taco really captured the Mexican flavor.

A really fresh salad.
Spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread!

NYSM Pizzeria also has a nice lineup of pasta. What stood out for me was their spaghetti served with meat balls and bread with garlic. For P300, it was both very tasty (note: condiments were not needed at all) and satisfying. I also liked the fact that the meat balls had a layer of melted cheese touching them.

Having tried at least three flavors of pizza, two of their pasta, their salad and a few appetizers, I can say that NYSM Pizzeria’s kitchen personnel really know how to prepare the meals and make them delicious and satisfying. I would not hesitate to return to their restaurant for more of their meals.

NYSM Pizzera’s interior, by the way, has an eye-catching New York-style subway train decoration with a door that leads into their bar (inside is a nice window facing Aguirre Avenue).  Check out the picture below.

The “rusted” New York subway train decoration.

You must be wondering, “What does NYSM mean?”

It means: New York State of Mind. 

Check out NYSM Pizzeria inside BF Homes. For inquiries, call landline 576-0330.

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My Observations: Food for a Cause

There is nothing like enjoying a meal in support of a good cause.

Really delicious pasta I bought to help a friend.

Today I bought from my friend Chicken Parmesan Pasta for lunch and enjoyed it not only because it was delicious but also because I helped her on her effort for a good cause.

So there I was at home about to watch local and foreign news on cable TV with a bowl containing portions of the Chicken Parmesan Pasta I brought home. As I watched the news unfold, I took bites and each bite was a delightful experience. The pasta was nicely cooked, it had a smooth and creamy texture and was flavorful enough I did not need any condiments for it. Oh yes, the chicken was something nice to chew with.

If you have a friend who is selling something good or useful to raise money for a good cause and you have money to spare, help your friend.

So yummy!

As I enjoyed my friend’s pasta again today, I am thankful to her (she’s a talented cook as well as a very talented singer) and of course to the Lord for the blessing.

Here’s a scripture of thanksgiving from the Holy Bible.

For all things are for your sakes, that grace, having spread through the many, may cause thanksgiving to abound to the glory of God.

2 Corinthians 4: 15 (NKJV)

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