My Services


If you are running a business or a private organization with the goal of gaining credibility through traditional media or social media mileage, I can help you with the following services I am offering.

Press Release Campaign (PRC) – If you want to gain media mileage by means of exposure, then you need a press release which is what media members rely on to fill out the available space on print media as well as every second of a broadcast.

I can write for you a press release with a strong journalistic tone and we can work on refining it until you are satisfied. I can also do distribution of your approved press release to several newspapers (broadsheets and/or tabloids) as well as to online news sources and radio and TV stations.

As it is in the discretion of the media outlets to decide to use the PR or not, writing your PR with a strong journalistic tone is essential and I can do that for you. Already I have a list of media outlet contacts prepared.

In addition to composing and distributing your press release, I can also help you by serving as the primary media contact and any requests for interviews from the media will be forwarded to you immediately.

Twitter Advert Campaign (TAD) – Twitter has many millions of users worldwide and the good news is that adverts for its network can be fully customized to target very specific users you want to reach.

For you, I can create an advert using text (including website URL) and media (pictures mainly), have it customized heavily for you and schedule when it will run, how much money is to be spent, etc. In return, I will send to you the complete results of the advert.

Speech Writing Campaign (SWR) – Do you plan to speak in front of an audience but you’re having trouble writing a speech? I can compose a speech for you and all you need to do is explain what you want to emphasize, what words you want to be included and what kind of tone you have in mind with your speech.

Email Ad Campaign (EMC) – If you need engaging content for your planned email ad campaign to help your website’s email-based subscription service, I can compose for you a 90 to 100 word ad. Once you are fully satisfied with the written content, you can have the EMC and use it for whatever plans you have with it.

The Email Ad Campaign targeting your subscribers in your website’s mailing list is ideal to use for announcements, events promotions, sales pitch and the like.

Website Content Campaign (WCC) – If you are building a website and you need content that is properly structured and well written, I can help you and make your project look very presentable. I have many years of experience creating content for websites of varied authors during my time as a marketing services copywriter with Xlibris.

We can discuss what your website is about, how many pages it has and what kind of content should each page have.

Event Coverage Campaign (ECC) – If you are organizing an event and you want online coverage for it, I can help you by doing a pre-event article here on my website to help build up anticipation. For a post-event article, it would be helpful if you would allow me to attend it and observe what happens.

Storytelling Campaign (STC) – Do you need some fictional work in the form of a story to help your business, your service or your special project? I can write a short story for you and all I need are details that you could provide me, what kind of people you want me to write a story for, what moral lesson or theme you want me to emphasize, and the like.

Having published a fantasy book already, I offer a narrative-type of storytelling. It resembles the kind of content you see in fiction books.

Post-and-Boost Campaign (PBC) – Do you want your product, your service, your organization/business or your special article posted on my website backed with a Twitter boost (refer to Twitter Advert Campaign above) to lure in readers? We can work together on this and I am ready to negotiate with you.

If you wish to talk business with me, please feel free to contact me. You can also check out my portfolio as well. I am willing to meet with you to discuss terms. We can help each other out.

For communication here in the Philippines, contact me at 0905-3350831.