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An official entry at the 2010 California Library Association (CLA) and California School Library Association (CSLA) joint conference and book exposition, The World of Havenor is a collection of fantasy short stories that follows the trials of seven people who share one common dream—freedom from the evil clutches of the Vandorran Empire.


Readers will meet Varna, a teenager whose mutation gives her the ability to manipulate metal through touch and focus; Rally, a navigator who was banished from the colonial forces when her superiors discovered her secret; Brick, a former knight who leads a treasure hunting team to aid his kingdom’s poor people; Savannah and Sage, siblings who wield magical powers that reflect their respective differences; Ryder, a young explorer who searches for lost books of ancient magic spells; and Laetitia, the daughter of a freedom fighter who is about to realize her destiny. Through their exploits, readers will witness unique adventures unfold as well as timeless themes that they can relate with. Almost a hundred years have passed since the day the empire invaded their world.

Through the decades, the Havenorians have lived in fear and could only struggle with oppression and abuse from the technology-armed colonists. Making matters worse is the impending arrival of Emperor Brutikus, who intends to make Havenor the new home world for his eight hundred million Vandorrans. As such, the Havenorians must unite and organize the fight for freedom before it is too late.

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And for some media flashback, The World of Havenor and myself made it in the November 28, 2009 edition of the Manila Bulletin