COVID-19 Crisis: Ospital ng Muntinlupa to offer e-consultation, construction of Molecular Lab in full-swing

In an attempt to minimize COVID-19 transmission through face-to-face consultations, the Ospital ng Muntinlupa (OsMun) officially launched its telemedicine services to cater to outpatients and non-emergency medical conditions.

OsMun director Dr. Edwin Dimatatac announced that the city hospital is now accepting appointments for its telemedicine services under the Internal Medicine Department starting September.

Dimatatac noted that Muntinlupa residents can now consult with doctors of OsMun in the comforts of their homes for free. Ospital ng Muntinlupa’s telehealth consultation is open from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

OsMun Internal Medicine Department requires patients to book an appointment via their Facebook Page (Ospital ng Muntinlupa – Department of Internal Medicine Telemedicine) and fill out some necessary forms. Patients are advised to strictly follow their appointment schedule.

Only non-emergency and non-life threatening medical conditions will be accommodated in the telehealth consultation service.

Further, the construction of the Molecular Laboratory in Ospital ng Muntinlupa is in full-swing and is expected to be operational in the coming weeks. OsMun has submitted its application to the Department of Health for the laboratory’s accreditation. Muntinlupa’s Molecular Laboratory is set to cater 200 COVID-19 tests per day.

Recently, Deputy Chief Implementer Against COVID-19 Sec. Dizon vowed to donate one RT-PCR machine to Muntinlupa’s Molecular Laboratory following its accreditation during the Coordinated Operations to Defeat Epidemic (CODE) Team’s Visit in the city last September 4. The additional equipment is set to double the laboratory’s capacity from 200 tests to 400 tests per day.

Further, the 128-room isolation facility in Pacwood Site, Brgy. Tunasan is set to be completed by the end of September. The construction of the quarantine facility is through the efforts of the Department of Public Works and Highways.

Mayor Jaime Fresnedi continues to urge city residents to refrain from going out unless necessary and to follow health protocols such as frequent hand-washing, physical distancing, wearing of face masks, proper cough etiquette, and other precautionary measures.

As of September 6, Muntinlupa City has 3,610 confirmed cases with 2,721 recoveries, 764 active cases, 125 reported deaths, 532 suspect cases, and 675 probable cases.


Latest City Government of Muntinlupa details sourced from their official media release. Some parts were edited for this website.

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A Look Back at UltraForce #2 (1994)

Disclaimer: This is my original work with details sourced from reading the comic book and doing personal research. Anyone who wants to use this article, in part or in whole, needs to secure first my permission and agree to cite me as the source and author. Let it be known that any unauthorized use of this article will constrain the author to pursue the remedies under R.A. No. 8293, the Revised Penal Code, and/or all applicable legal actions under the laws of the Philippines.

Some time ago, I wrote and explored what would happen had superheroes been real and got involved with government leaders and the corporate media. Considering what has been going on for some time now, I hope that more readers would read the article and realize the conspiracy between political parties and corporate media is real and even dangerous. Did you even notice that in America, the Left-leaning media outlets have been distorting the facts about the riots involving the Marxist movement Black Lives Matter and the violent Antifa group? Also, did you notice that the liberal media distorted the meaning of the words peaceful protesters? Being a former local community print media publication journalist myself, I know why media outlets (whose owners and managers willingly get involved with those who wield power) would distort the news and insult the public’s intelligence. Really, the truth is that objective, truthful, responsible and professional journalism is shrinking.

Enough with the sickening news wave of negativity magnified by corporate media. It’s time to examine the superhero-government-media conspiracy followed by a fantastic conflict within the Ultraverse in this look back at UltraForce #2, published in 1994 by Malibu Comics with a story written by Gerard Jones and art by George Perez (breakdowns) and John Statema (finished pencils).  

The cover of the limited edition.

Early story

The story begins with UltraForce member Ghoul visiting a place within the woods. He stops at a huge grave site of the Exiles and tries to communicate with his former teammates but to no avail. He only got glimmers from them. After expressing himself to nobody, he walks away.

Shortly after, UltraForce composed of Hardcase, Prime, Prototype, Ghoul, Pixx, Contrary and Topaz meet with US President Bill Clinton, US Senator Bob Dole, UN’s secretary general Boutros-Ghali and Blackrock of the press in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, DC. As they discuss important matters together, Atalon makes his move against the civilized world…


The interactions between the members of UltraForce are richly written.

To start with, this comic book is a build-up type of story containing lots dialogue, exposition and explanatory pieces with not too much spectacle. That’s not to say this is a boring issue, in fact it still remained quite engaging to read. The very wordy script for this comic book was written with care and there were efforts made to keep the story cohesive even as it grapples with all the details for explaining. What the writer presented not only explained what is happening and why the world is being threatened by Atalon and his forces from underneath, the script also took its time in presenting the characters struggling with each other’s views while providing key moments that add some development to the personality of some of the characters (example: Prime’s interest in Chelsea Clinton reflected not only his teenage self but also his first encounter with her during the Prime monthly series). As far as storytelling goes, it succeeded in helping me understand the huge event transpiring and justified why UltraForce as a team is needed. When you think about it, Prime, Hardcase and Prototype already have major affairs of their own (especially when you read their respective monthly series) but Atalon is a major threat that requires the three to work together (along with Pixx, Ghoul, Topaz and the ever scheming Contrary).

More on the conspiracy between the superheroes, the government leaders and the corporate press, this comic book is more relevant than ever today even though superheroes do not even exist in real life. I like the moments when Contrary wanted access to government files which drew a strong reaction from Bill Clinton who in turn is being watched carefully by opposition leader Bob Dole. For his part, Hardcase expressed that his team does not want any power struggle between ultras and the government. And then Bob Dole stressed to Prototype that he works for Ultratech and said: I take it that you are a defender of the rights of the private sector?

Of course, the highlight of the writing is the dynamic interactions between the UltraForce members when they are on their own and struggle to work together due to their respective differences. The dialogue is very rich.

When it comes to visuals, this one is rather unique because it has breakdowns by the legendary George Perez with finished pencil work by John Statema. It’s not a pure Perez art work which is obvious but still I recognized the characters and there is still a high level of visual detail all throughout. Still a solid looking comic book!


This is a clever way of doing exposition…Bill Clinton learns more about Topaz and Ghoul but only the readers get a visual presentation.

Never mind the fact that it lacked spectacle, UltraForce #2 is still compelling to read mainly due to its strong writing, the memorable interactions between the characters and emphasis of the crisis that justifies the presence of the team complete with impact on the world. Not only that, this comic book event went the extra mile to emphasize crossing-over within the Ultraverse by including The Strangers (check out The Strangers #4 and Hardcase #4 for reference).

If you are seriously planning to buy an existing hard copy of UltraForce #2 (1994), be aware that as of this writing, shows that the near-mint copy of the regular edition costs $8 while the near-mint copy of the limited edition costs $12.

Overall, UltraForce #2 (1994) is highly recommended!


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My Observations: Even during quarantine, the Chinese connection still caused problems in Parañaque City

Months ago, I wrote that the City of Parañaque became a hot spot for crime incidents involving Chinese nationals and that the said city had more of such incidents than its neighboring cities here in South Metro Manila.

And then the coronavirus disease COVID-19 struck the world and this resulted community quarantine here in the Philippines which was recently extended into mid-May. Under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), most businesses were halted, mass gatherings were prohibited and people were told to stay at home so that the risk of infection would be reduced. The authorities have been struggling with testing people for COVID-19 while local government units (LGUs), including barangays, have been working to manage their respective communities and perform services like distributing relief goods to families, implementing curfew, etc.

Even though the ECQ has been implemented for over a month now, there were still problems in Parañaque City caused by Chinese nationals. I’m talking about the illegal online gaming operation involving 44 Chinese nationals (with 23 Filipinos) and illegal clinics and a stockroom filled with medicine from China.

Let’s start first with the illegal online gaming operation that was found in Mayuga Compound, Barangay Tambo with details from the Manila Bulletin report.

Excerpt: Forty-four (44) foreign nationals and twenty-three (23) Filipinos (fourteen female and nine male) engaged in an illegal online gaming operation were arrested by the combined team of the Regional Special Operation Unit, Southern Police District, and the Parañaque City police Friday night.

Police said that the suspects were arrested at about 7:30p.m. along Mayuga Compound, Barangay Tambo, Parañaque City.

The police said that prior to the arrest of the suspects, members of the RSOU received a telephone call from a concerned citizen who reported that a group of armed foreign nationals were seen outside their residence violating the curfew hours imposed by the city government while the country is under the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

Upon receiving the information, members of the RSOU immediately coordinated with the SPD and the Parañaque City police for the arrest of the suspects.

The police said that verification was made and they found the group of foreign nationals with firearms visibly tucked in their waists loitering around the said place.

The suspects, upon seeing the approaching policemen, immediately ran inside their house. A chase ensued that led to the discovery of the illegal online gaming operation of the suspects.

Police recovered cash amounting to more than P1.3-million, 255 Chinese Yuan; 73 Chinese passports; two .45 caliber pistols; two .9mm pistols; nine internet modems, 40 cellular phones; 17 pairs of keyboard and mouse; 36 different brands of laptop computers and assorted computer cables.

Wow. That’s such an operation. How exactly was it set up so discreetly? Was the apartment owner aware that the rented place was turned by the foreigners into an illegal business operation? Also when exactly did the Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) of Parañaque City discover the first details about the illegal online gaming operation? Was Barangay Tambo even aware of the illegal operation?

As a result of the arrest done by the law enforcers, the ball is now up to the Bureau of Immigration to decide whether to deport the 44 Chinese nationals or not. Whatever their decision and no matter how long the investigation will take, it is clear that this incident made the City of Parañaque look bad.

To put things in perspective, Parañaque is the hot spot of confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Metro Manila with 414 cases as of April 26 and the City Government and the barangays have been struggling to prevent the spread of infection while managing the communities. As seen many times on social media, pictures of many people crowding the public wet markets (palengke) in the city showed clear violations of social distancing. As such, the fear of a possible COVID-19 outbreak in Parañaque is entering more people’s minds.

Next, let’s take a look at the illegal clinics and the stockroom filled with Chinese medicine with details from CNN Philippines’ report.

Excerpt 1: Authorities raided two illegal clinics and a medicine stockroom in Parañaque City on Sunday night.

Among those seized in the stockroom in Barangay Baclaran in Parañaque was a large shipment of medicine for respiratory illnesses allegedly being used as a possible treatment for the coronavirus disease. There is no confirmed cure yet for COVID-19.

They found many more boxes of medicine and medical supplies from China in the stockroom, such as boxes of dextrose and medicine ranging from antibiotics, anti-viral drugs, and medicine used for treating sexually transmitted diseases.

“They have all kinds of medicines. Na-amaze ako kasi puro injectables silang lahat,” says Paranaque City Health Officer Dr. Olga Virtusio. She adds, “Kakaunti ‘yung oral meds, madami ding through IV (intravenous) fluid.”

[Translation: I was amazed because most of the medicines I saw were injectables. There were a few oral meds, but there were a lot of IV fluids.]

Meanwhile, some types of medicine sold by the two illegal clinics are a herbal supplement is used as a traditional Chinese treatment for colds, fever, cough, and sore throat and a non-prescription drug for flu and respiratory illnesses.

“The team is thinking na most probably they are really catering to the POGOs around, especially noong nagkaroon tayo ng massive routing of the different clubs at madaming nakitang prostitution. Mostly chinese ang nahuhuli,” the doctor added.

Authorities said they acted on a tip from a disgruntled worker from one of the illegal clinics. The owner of one of the clinics allegedly took her quarantine pass. As a result, the helper informed officials of what she called a “hospital” catering to mostly Chinese patients.

Excerpt 2: After the city government closed down the place, authorities found another similar clinic just a few blocks away.

Police found a Chinese man claiming to be a doctor in the second clinic. He did not speak on camera but presented what he claimed to be his doctor’s license in China.

The local government said they are finding out who owns this clinics and the stockroom.

Charges will be filed against the owners for violating quarantine laws, medical regulations, and for operating without necessary permits. The confiscated boxes of medicine will be turned over to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for testing.

Two illegal clinics that most likely served Chinese nationals located just a few blocks away from each other…could those two be connected with each other? As for the medicine imported from China, I wonder if they were cleared by the officials of customs. When exactly did the City Health Office led by Dr. Virtusio become aware of the illegal clinics? Did anyone from Barangay Baclaran notice the anomalies within their territory?

With these cases combined – the illegal gaming operation and the illegal clinics – I wonder if there was any bribery involved in establishing the illegal operations, how much the local authorities knew about their existence, and how exactly are Parañaque officials dealing with Chinese nationals who really had no intention to follow local laws.

It is fortunate for law enforcers that a disgruntled worker from one of the illegal clinics tipped them while a concerned citizen did the right thing by calling them about the presence of foreigners who were armed with guns. What exactly were those guns for, personal protection or as a means to threaten the local community’s members?

Whatever is happening behind the scenes with these two recent developments, what is clear is that Parañaque is still a hot spot for illegal activities involving Chinese nationals and the connection with mainland China. How the local authorities will deal with them is a big question mark.

You the reader might want to ask yourself: Are Chinese nationals already setting up Parañaque to be a key location for a future military invasion by mainland China?

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71,000 scholars in Muntinlupa to receive allowances in advance amid COVID-19 crisis

71,000 scholars in Muntinlupa to receive allowances in advance amid COVID-19 crisis

The City Government of Muntinlupa has started to distribute scholarship allowances in advance in light of the financial impact of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis.

Mayor Jaime Fresnedi approved City Ordinance 2020-087 for the early release of scholarship allowances to 71,000 Muntinlupa scholars covering the period of June to August.

Fresnedi said the City Government recognizes that most of the students under the local scholarship program belong to daily wage earner-parents and the allowance will help their families cope and get through the COVID-19 crisis.

Muntinlupa Scholarship Program piloted the distribution of allowances at Sucat Elementary School – Zone 4 on April 9.

In a Facebook Post, MSP explained that while the early distribution of scholarship allowance has rolled-out, there might be some delays as the government also considers the safety of the beneficiaries in the process.

“The local government hopes to deliver the scholarship allowance to every scholar during this COVID-19 crisis situation, however we also put into consideration the safety of the public as beneficiaries will gather in distribution locations,” it said.

MSP is posting distribution schedules in its Facebook Page to ensure the number of beneficiaries per location adhere to the protocols and guidelines given by the Department of Health and the COVID-19 Inter Agency Task Force (IATF).

The scholarship office advised claimants to strictly abide by the posted schedule (time, date and venue), observe social distancing, and wear masks in the distribution locations.

Parents and guardians of scholars with quarantine passes can claim the allowance. Guidelines in claiming the allowance are posted in MSP’s Facebook Page at

If they are unable to claim, scholars may still receive their allowance after the quarantine period by filing necessary requirements for re-processing.

Elementary and alternative learning system students in Muntinlupa receive an allowance of P4,000 per year. For junior high school students, the local government provides P5,000, while for senior high school students, P6,000 per year.

Further, State Universities and Colleges students, including beneficiaries of Continuing Assistance for Reintegrating Students Program, can receive a maximum incentive of up to P10,000 per semester depending on their academic performance.

As of April 19, the Muntinlupa City Health Office recorded 117 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the city with 17 deaths and 14 recovered cases. There are 76 “suspect” cases and 147 “probable” cases.

This is an official Press Release issued by the City Government of Muntinlupa. Some parts were edited for this website. 

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Village Food Fair 2 at Madison Galeries on October 20

If you are looking for a new food-and-beverage event here in South Metro Manila, then here is something that you should seriously consider.

Madison Galeries, a nice open-air mall located in Barangay Cupang, Muntinlupa City, recently announced it will be organizing Village Food Fair 2 which will take place the whole day of October 20 (Sunday). To be specific, the event will take place at the Madison Events Place which is located at the 3rd floor of the mall.


For the newcomers reading this, Madison Galeries is located along Don Jesus Boulevard in Alabang. The boulevard is a long road that connects Alabang Hills Village, Hillsborough and other villages to the West service road. Available for visitors with vehicles are open-air parking slots as well as covered parking.

“The Food Fair will offer the same joyous, community presence from our nearby villages and serving local to branded quality foods. With this, we also open our doors to all customers who wish to taste quality items from our participated concessionaires,” Madison Galeries expressed in response to my inquiry.

The mall operator stated they are expecting a good number of concessionaires to participate, the same as from the previous food fair.

Personally, I got delighted over the announcement that Village Food Fair 2 is happening in a few weeks’ time. This was because I attended the 1st Village Food Fair a few months ago and it was a really nice experience. There were lots of concessionaires selling pies, cakes, Shawarma, sushi and maki, rice meals, dessert, shakes and more delicious stuff. There were also some organic food products offered to customers for their home cooking needs.

From the 1st Village Food Fair at Madison Galeries.

By the end of my attendance of that food fair, I wished that it would happen again…..and Madison Galeries decided to organize another one. My wish came true! The wait won’t be too painful as October 20 is fast approaching.

If you have any inquiries about Village Food Fair 2, feel free to contact Madison Galeries at 0917-6369160 or visit their administrative office at the 4th floor of the mall. Visit their official Facebook page as well.

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A Look Back At Exiles #1 (Ultraverse)

Published in 1993 by Malibu Comics, Exiles #1 of the Ultraverse is a fun and intriguing comic book to read.

The story begins at Parkmoore High School with an introductory look at a blonde student named Amber who was already feeling bored in class when a disaster happens. Suddenly some individuals – a few wearing tights and a few wearing armor – appeared and both of them are interested in Amber.

A battle takes place with destruction and a few deaths (not the civilians) happening Amber to be confused.

A quick action scene involving Amber.

The short battle ends with the guys in tights taking Amber with them. A short time later, Amber finds herself in the Stronghold and it turns out the group that took her was the Exiles.

Still disoriented, Amber feels like a prisoner than a guest of the Exiles. Dr. Rachel Deming (The Keeper) approaches hers to explain what’s been going on and why they have her far away from home.

“We’ve been looking for you and others like you for a long time,” said Deming.

Amber replied, “I want to go home!”

Deming responds to her by saying that her life is in great danger and going home is not an option.

Deming further tries to make Amber understand the situation better saying, “I will try to explain this once, Ms. Hunt. My people are out there putting their lives on the line right now for another potential like yourself.”

Still confused, Amber asks questions. Dr. Deming, feeling annoyed at the guest’s confusion, excused herself to attend to another matter within the Exiles.

If you want to know the complete story, I recommend buying a copy of Exiles #1 if you can find any.

Really deep impact with the explosion.


Exiles #1’s credits include Steve Gerber, Tom Mason, Dave Olbrich and Chris Ulm as the writers while Paul Pelletier was the penciller supported by inking by Ken Branch.

What I like about the story is that it works fast on establishing the Exiles as a team told mainly through the eyes of Amber. It’s easy for a reader like me to relate with Amber as she discovers the Exiles and struggles to understand why she is a target by not one but two groups of people.

Furthermore, there is a corporate culture angle on the story especially with the other group opposing the Exiles. It’s nice to see how the comic book pays good attention to the other group and in quick fashion, the group’s ruthlessness is emphasized as they make preparations (read: unethical scientific alterations of human genetics). Malcom Kort wants an army of superhumans to fight for his cause and his own vision of the future of mankind.

Overall, Exiles #1 is engaging to read and if you plan to buy a copy of it, be sure to buy the succeeding issues so that you will get to see more of its concept. I also like Paul Pelletier’s style art which has a cartoony look and yet has a strong sense of action that easily reminded me I’m reading a superhero comic book. Go for a copy of Exiles #1 at your local comic book store or by contacting a fellow comic book collector.

The cover of Exiles #1.

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