A Look Back at X-Men Adventures #10 (1993)

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Welcome back, superheo enthusiasts, 1990s culture enthusiasts, X-Men fans and comic book collectors! Today we revisit the X-Men Adventures monthly series which was the literary adaptation of the popular X-Men animated series of the 1990s.  

If you are a long-time X-Men fan who enjoyed the comic books and the movies, then the cover of this particular X-Men Adventures issue that has Rogue on it should remind you of the mutant cure concept portrayed in the 2006 movie X-Men: The Last Stand. In the said movie, it was Rogue who went out to have her mutant powers neutralized so that she can live a normal life and no longer worry about absorbing another person’s life force.

With those details laid down, here is a look back at X-Men Adventures #10, published by Marvel Comics in 1993 with a story written by Ralph Macchio and drawn by Andrew Wildman.

The cover.

Early story

The story begins with the arrival of Cable outside a private home in the Swiss Alps. Inside, Warren Worthington (Angel) and Gisela spend quality time together by the fire. They talk about a certain Dr. Adler who is a genetics expert that Worthington sent to Scotland to conduct research.

Suddenly, Cable breaks into the place and points his gun at Worthington looking for Dr. Adler. While talking, Worthington reaches for a gun and fire it at Cable. The huge armed mutant then grabs Worthington by the head and throws him out of the home and into the snow. In response to Cable’s question, Gisela mentions that Dr. Adler has gone to Scotland. Moments later, Worthington (in his angel form) flies back into the house to protect Gisela from whatever harm Cable could do to her.

Over at Muir Island, Professor X and his long-time colleague Dr. Moira MacTaggert discuss the facility and research done there. Xavier mentions that the core of the research done by the mysterious Dr. Adler. Moira states that Adler is not officially part of the research center and he simply pays for everything he uses there.

After failing to meet Dr. Adler inside his research office, Xavier conducts a mind probe which causes a series of stake images enter his consciousness. The experience was so intense, his telepathic inquiry got disrupted abruptly. Professor X then decides to contact the X-Men…     


Rogue goes through a lot in her pursuit to become normal.

Let me start with the concept of Rogue’s pursuit to cure herself of her genetic mutation…compared to the 2006 live-action X-Men movie, the plot in this literal adaptation of the X-Men animated series episode makes more sense and is more believable to follow. Without spoiling the identities (note: to find out who they are, read this comic book), I can say that there are sinister forces behind the genetic works of Adler within the Muir Island facility. The Adler operation is just part of a grand scheme that the sinister forces have been working on and Rogue’s involvement was a surprise addition. More on Rogue’s pursuit of getting normal, what was portrayed in this adaptation was nicely structured while also cleverly avoiding the “doing it all for the sake of love” cliché. In short, she made her pursuit not for her romance with Gambit but to really change her life significantly, even if it means losing her membership with the X-Men. Through her actions, you will feel Rogue becoming desperate and reckless to be normal.

Apart from the tale of Rogue, the X-Men meanwhile have been handling themselves without Professor X and Cyclops clearly carries the responsibility of leading them all. As for Charles Xavier, his departure has been explained and incidentally he has gotten close to danger even though Dr. Moira MacTaggert is with him. The writing in this adaptation is filled with suspense, surprises and intrigue which were nicely executed with concise timing.


Charles Xavier makes contact with his team from far-away.

X-Men Adventures #10 (1993) is a very good read. Anyone who saw the half-baked mutant cure aspect of the 2006 X-Men movie will find the Rogue tale here more satisfying to read. This is definitely Rogue’s story with some spotlight shared with the X-Men, two other mutants who served as opposition for Rogue, and the sinister forces I mentioned. This comic book is actually the first of two parts focused on Muir Island and it certainly is a really satisfying reading experience on its own.  

Overall, X-Men Adventures #10 (1993) is recommended.


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