2021 Alabang Hills Village car sticker application process for non-residents ongoing

It’s that time once again. Through its official website, the Alabang Hills Village Association (AHVA) announced that the application processing for the 2021 edition of their vehicular stickers specifically for non-residents has officially started since July 19, 2021. Take note that non-AHVA members (which refers to non-residents) need to have the endorsements of another Alabang Hills Village resident, the village association, the school or organization in order to validate the application for non-resident stickers.

The steps are simple and easy to follow. Firstly, applicants seeking non-resident car stickers must click https://alabanghillsvillage.com/vehicle-sticker-application/

Secondly, applicants should follow Step 1 which is to download, print and fill out the 2-page sticker application form. That being said, make sure your printer has enough ink and paper to print the said form. (reminder: non-resident applicants need to have their respective application endorsed first otherwise the AHVA won’t accept their application. That being said, look closely at page 1 of the application form.)

Thirdly, applicants should follow Step 2 which states the payment option and prices. To point things straight, the 1-year car sticker for non-residents is at P1,500 per vehicle while the 2-year car sticker for non-residents is at P2,700 per vehicle. The motorcycle/bike sticker is priced at P350 each.

Still under the non-residents category, commercial vehicles sticker rates are P2,000 per vehicle (four wheels), P2,500 per vehicle (six wheels and up) and P500 each (motorcycle).

Non-residents who need to replacement stickers need to pay P200.

Fourthly, applicants should follow Step 3 which is for them to fill the blanks with their respective details (name, email address, landline or mobile phone number) and upload the signed application form as well as the OR/CR of the vehicle(s). There is also the requirement to click the small box confirming your agreement to AHVA’s private police and use of their website, click another box that you are not a robot, and then click the submit button. All of these are within https://alabanghillsvillage.com/vehicle-sticker-application/ so make sure your Internet connection is on and reliable for uploading.

Once the applicant has been successful with submitting all the requirements online, he/she should allow up to 48 hours’ time for the AHVA to reply.

If you have further questions for the AHVA, send them email at alabanghills@yahoo.com or call them at 8850-8254 local 105, 106 and 107. AHVA offices operate 8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday, and 8AM to 12PM on Saturday.

If you wish to learn more, visit AHVA’s official website at https://alabanghillsvillage.com/


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2020 Alabang Hills Village vehicular stickers for non-residents now available!

Recently the Alabang Hills Village Association (AHVA) announced that it is accepting applications (for brand new and renewal, and for residents and non-residents) for the 2020 edition of the vehicular stickers for Alabang Hills Village, Barangay Cupang, Muntinlupa City. Motorists whose applications got approved will see their brand new AHVA stickers released to them.

For your visual reference, see the images below.

The front page.
The back page.

As seen in the images of the 2-page application form, required (in the form of the latest photocopies of the requirements) if the vehicle is under the applicant’s name are the vehicle’s Official Receipt (OR) and the Certificate of Registration (CR) of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not under the applicant’s name, required are OR, CR and a notarized Deed of Sale.

If the vehicle is under the name of a Company, required are the OR, CR and a Company Certification signifying that the applicant is the authorized user. If the vehicle has been recently acquired and has no license plate yet, required are the Delivery Receipt and Sales Invoice.

Most notable of all, as listed on the application form, are some changes on the application procedure which is the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Take note that things will be a little bit different compared to last year. Firstly, the application form must be filled-up with details (for non-residents, this includes an endorsement from a legitimate Alabang Hills Village resident, from your homeowners’ association or from a school or organization) and must be signed by the applicant (on the back page). Secondly, the signed application form and the required documents (note: must be attached with the form) must be sent to the AHVA through email at alabanghills@yahoo.com (note: you don’t need to personally and physically submit your application form and documents. You only need to scan them for the purpose of sending them to AHVA via email)

Thirdly, the applicant must wait for the AHVA to reply by email from the Sticker Processor on the payment arrangements and day of appointment. That being said, you must prepare yourself for whatever amount will be charged and whatever method of payment will be revealed. Constantly monitor your email. Fourthly, an authorized crew member of the AHVA will install the new vehicular sticker on the windshield (driver’s side) of your vehicle on the day of appointment.

One last thing…the AHVA confirmed to me today that they charge P1,200 for a 1-year sticker (2020-2021) and P2,400 for the 2-year sticker (2020-2022) for non-residents.

Inside Alabang Hills Village, I spotted a tarpaulin (located a short distance away from the Tirona street gate) about the different schedules of the start of applications of AHVA’s 2020 vehicular stickers for different types of applicants. The following details are:

August 24, 2020 – Non-residents

September 14, 2020 – Residents

September 28, 2020 – Commercial

October 12, 2020 – Motorcycle/bicycle

Meanwhile, the old vehicular stickers issued by AHVA in 2019 for private vehicles (both resident and non-resident) and commercial vehicles will expire on September 30, 2020. Meanwhile, the 2019 AHVA stickers issued for motorcycles and bicycles will expire on October 30, 2020. As such, anyone who have expiring stickers need to apply and renew as soon as possible.

Inside Alabang Hills Village.

If you have further questions for the AHVA, send them email at alabanghills@yahoo.com or call them at 8850-8254 and 8850-9631.


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COVID-19 Crisis: Are you anticipating the new vehicular stickers from Alabang Hills Village Association? You are not alone!

Disclaimer: This is my original work with details sourced from my sources within Alabang Hills Village in Muntinlupa City, Philippines. Anyone who wants to use this article, in part or in whole, needs to secure first my permission and agree to cite me as the source and author. Let it be known that any unauthorized use of this article will constrain the author to pursue the remedies under R.A. No. 8293, the Revised Penal Code, and/or all applicable legal actions under the laws of the Philippines.

The coronavirus disease COVID-19 that started in China clearly halted societies and economies around the world, reaching to the point of pushing the less fortunate people to despair.

Here in the south of Metro Manila, villages that had confirmed cases of COVID-19 among their residents tightened access into their territory as a means of preventing the risk of infection. This is not surprising at all and it is quite understandable.

At this time of the year, it is normal for motorists to prepare themselves in anticipation of the new edition of the vehicular stickers (residents and non-residents) from the Alabang Hills Village Association (AHVA). For the newcomers reading this, Alabang Hills Village (Muntinlupa City) strategically connects to BF Homes (via Tirona Street gate), Alabang-Zapote Road, the long road (Don Jesus Boulevard) leading to other communities, Madison Galeries and the service road by the highway. Alabang Hills is also where San Beda College Alabang and New Life Church are located at. These factors make AHVA vehicular stickers a must-have. Back in July 2019, I published the story about the 2-year vehicular sticker for non-residents. I also published about the 1-year non-resident vehicular sticker.

Of course, due to this ongoing pandemic, things are still looking uncertain this year as to when the AHVA will issue the next edition of their vehicular stickers (Year 2020) for both residents and non-residents. The people whose old AHVA vehicular stickers are about to expire are unsurprisingly concerned.

I reached out to the AHVA for answers:

As of this writing, the AHVA still has yet to make a formal announcement about the 2020 edition of their vehicular stickers. This means no registration process yet, no issuance of new stickers too.

That being said, the AHVA did confirm to me however the following:

1) Motorists with valid non-resident vehicular stickers are allowed to enter the village. – Just today, I did exactly this before doing a U-turn to exit the same gate I entered (because the places I tried to visit inside were both closed). It was the Alabang Hills Alabang-Zapote gate specifically.

2) The old AHVA vehicular stickers are still valid at as long as there are still no new stickers (Year 2020) formally announced. – This news I got from the AVHA and from two of their gate security guards should provide some relief to those who were worried about their AHVA stickers expiring this year. Your old stickers are still valid as of now.

So there you have it, my readers and fellow residents of South Metro Manila! If you want to help others who have vested interests in Alabang Hills Village, please share this article to them.

While waiting, you are free to contact AHVA at landlines 8850-8254 and 8850-9631, and email address ahvainc08@yahoo.com.

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