The significance of the return of Megarahe Sale inside Alabang Hills Village

This past weekend, the annual Megarahe Sale of Alabang Hills Village resumed – fully titled as “Megarahe Sale & Kids Bazaar, Ukay-Okay!” – with the local community center as the venue. I visited the Megarahe Sale twice last weekend and I can confirm that it was a lively event as it attracted a lot of sellers who displayed a wide variety of items, and several buyers arrived and searched. There were also some really nice bargains on display. Take note that this is the first Megarahe Sale to be held in the last few years as the COVID-19 pandemic set everyone back.

A lot of sellers, customers and products during the Megarahe Sale in Alabang Hills this past weekend.
Some products on display.

For the newcomers reading this, the Megarahe Sale is Alabang Hills’ special community event held annually giving the local residents opportunities to sell goods to customers (including visitors who are able to enter the village with valid car stickers issued by the Alabang Hills Village Association) with a single, wide, and comfortable venue that can accommodate a lot of people.

As the name Megarahe shows, it is in concept a collective garage sale with the community in mind. More on the garage sale aspect, AHVA’s annual event spares local residents from having to go through all the trouble of organizing garage sales in their respective homes.

As I mentioned before, the return of Megarahe Sale is a very welcome development in line with the gradual normalization of life. Slowly but surely, people, communities, churches and businesses are recovering from the tremendous setback of COVID-19. At the same time, people nowadays are more educated about COVID-19, they got vaccinated or boosted for improved protection from COVID-19, and the national government already declared the optional use of face masks outdoors. Of course, lots of people have gotten sick and tired of spending so much time at home since the first COVID-19 lockdown started more than two years ago and this in turn fueled their desire to move out, go around and do their activities freely. In my opinion, the Megarahe Sale’s return is a blessing and the AHVA should be commended.

Customers checking out the items for sale.
Missing out on community events like this means missing out on bargains.

Megarahe Sale this year could inspire other residential communities and commercial joints in South Metro Manila to host or organize more community events as the Christmas season gets closer. I have fond memories attending in 2019 the BF HomeSarap food fair in BF Homes (specifically BF NorthWest), the Village Food Fair 2 at Madison Galeries, and Mardi Gras Bazaar 3 also at Madison Galeries. Also a few years ago, I attended a pre-Christmas bazaar inside Alabang Hills Village before the pandemic happened, and I wonder if the AHVA will be organizing a new one this year.

Let me end this piece by asking you readers: If you were able to visit the Megarahe Sale in Alabang Hills this past weekend, what do you think about the event? Were you able to find and buy something? Did you take advantage of the bargains? Do you hope to see the Alabang Hills Village Association organize a pre-Christmas bazaar this November or December for your Christmas shopping needs?

You may answer in the comments below. If you prefer to answer privately, you may do so by sending me a direct message online.

For inquiries about Alabang Hills Village, visit or call their association at 88508254. You can visit their office at 1 Don Jesus Boulevard inside Alabang Hills Village from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM. Always remember to follow their rules and speed limits whenever you are in the village. Be aware also of the recent in-village traffic adjustments.


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