New traffic measures inside Alabang Hills Village implemented

If you have been passing through Alabang Hills Village in Muntinlupa City very lately, you might have noticed some changes with regards to the flow of vehicular traffic, parking and other matters. This is because the Security Committee of the Alabang Hills Village Association (AHVA) implemented new traffic measures in anticipation of an increased volume of vehicles traveling along Don Manolo Boulevard (DMB) in connection to the beginning of classes at San Beda College. The AHVA announced this on August 14, 2022.

To begin with, look at the image sourced from AHVA below…

Take a close look at the details. (image sourced from AHVA)

To put things in perspective, posted below is an excerpt from the AHVA’s August 14 announcement. Some parts in boldface…

In anticipation of the high volume of vehicles that will be traversing along Don Manolo Boulevard (DMB) due to the opening of classes in San Beda on Monday, August 15 (Kinder, Nursery, Grades 1-12, from Aug 15 to 26; classes for all levels, Aug 29 onwards), the AHVA Security Committee will implement the following traffic scheme:

1. All openings/breaks along the center island DMB from the Alabang-Zapote gate up to the Rotunda will be cordoned off except for the opening/breaks infront of the New Life building where cars can make a U-turn.

2. Vehicles going to San Beda from the Alabang-Zapote gate must take the left lane to be able to turn left and enter the main gate of the SBC campus.

3. Vehicles exiting the San Beda campus will use the gate in the SBC chapel as per coordination with SBC security.

4. Vehicles from the Tirona gate going to San Beda must remain in the right lane.

5. Priority will be given to resident vehicles in the rotunda coming from Don Jesus Boulevard going towards Alabang-Zapote gate via DMB.

6. AHVA will deploy & post deputized security personnel and Brgy Tanod infront of SBC main gate, and AZ road traffic light respectively to ensure that the new traffic scheme is observed by all motorists.

7. Traffic enforcers from the Brgy. Cupang will man the traffic and ensure vehicles exiting DMB can pass along Alabang-Zapote with ease.

8. NO Parking Zone & NO Loading & Unloading along DMB will be strictly enforced.

9. Directional signages will be put up along DMB for information & guidance of everyone.

10. Security officer Jefferson Ragudos will be onsite and all SGs equipped with radioes for fast communication relay and body cameras in case of apprehension.

Above traffic management measures are made possible in coordination with San Beda Security Team and the Brgy. Cupang Traffic Enforcer group.

Kindly note that these traffic measures will be in effect from 6am to 6pm, beginning 15th of August and until such time wherein necessary changes are warranted.

Now that you have read the above details about the new traffic measures already implemented inside Alabang Hills Village, be mindful about how you drive along Don Manolo Boulevard which can get really congested due to school-related activities. There will be students, teachers and other workers who will be coming to the school and that translates into more private vehicles and village tricycles converging at the academic institution’s part of the boulevard. Also, be mindful of potential congestion at Alabang Hills village gates as there might be an increase of motorists driving vehicles that do not have valid DMB stickers or AHVA non-resident vehicular stickers. Such vehicles will be lining up at the lane for vehicles without stickers before entering.

To apply for a new DMB sticker (for those who need to visit New Life Alabang or San Beda College with access limited only to Don Manolo Boulevard) or a new AHVA non-resident sticker (1-year or 2-years), click

For inquiries about this new development, visit or call them at 88508254. You can visit their office at 1 Don Jesus Boulevard inside Alabang Hills Village from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM. Always remember to follow their rules and speed limits whenever you are in the village.


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