What to watch on YouTube right now – Part 4

Have you been searching for something fun or interesting to watch on YouTube? Do you feel bored right now and you crave for something to see on the world’s most popular online video destination?

I recommend you watch the following videos below…

#1 McDonald’s struggles in certain nations – Have you eaten at a McDonald’s lately? The fast food giant is indeed highly successful serving many millions of customers worldwide and constantly making a lot of money. There are, however, specific nations where McDonald’s could not succeed in and for a wide variety of reasons. Watch these selected videos below…

#2 Looking back at Marvel Comics’ 2099 franchise – The 1990s was a decade of excess in the history of American comic book publishing, particularly with regards to superhero comics. During the height of the comic book speculator boom, Marvel Comics launched a new comic book universe set within one possible future of Marvel’s shared universe – the future was referred to as 2099. For the newcomers reading this, I myself had published several retro comic book reviews regarding Spider-Man 2099, X-Men 2099, Punisher 2099 and Ravage 2099. To find out more about the history about Marvel’s 2099 line of comics and the legacy it left behind, watch the video below.

#3 Ashleigh Burton’s reaction videos of Stallone movies For this segment, we take a look at the existing movie reaction videos Ashleigh Burton made related to films that starred the famous Sylvester Stallone. In reality, she actually has published a few Stallone-related reaction videos and she still has yet to react to a Rambo movie and other flicks from Stallone’s career. Watch the videos below and don’t forget to visit her YouTube channel.

#4 Worship video of Now I’m Alive – I love the worship song Now I’m Alive from New Life Music. Written by Faith Tugano, Kate Naranjo and Solomon Pagapong, Now I’m Alive is a beautiful and engaging song to worship the Lord with. You can read my Christian Music Appreciation (CMA) piece about Now I’m Alive by clicking right here. I encourage you all to visit New Life Music on Facebook and YouTube. Watch the worship video of Now I’m Alive posted below.

#5 More of Unsolved Mysteries (hosted by Robert Stack) – If you are a long-time fan of the classic Unsolved Mysteries TV program hosted by the late Robert Stack and you wanted to revisit it, you can watch the episodes for free through the Unsolved Mysteries – Full Episodes YouTube channel. For a taste, posted below are assorted episodes of the 2nd season of Unsolved Mysteries.

#6 Looking back at Jaws 3 (AKA Jaws 3-D) – Way back in 1983, I got to watch Jaws 3 in the cinema in 3D (wearing the 3D glasses to see the 3D effects from screen) which was a privilege back then. Being a young boy at the time, I enjoyed it and there was nothing like being seated in the middle of a large audience who reacted emotionally towards what they saw. Of course, it is clear to everyone today that Jaws 3 is one of weakest films of the Jaws movie franchise (which started with Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic) and I noticed some people found it to be really bad. Still, there is a lot of interesting stuff to discover about it and how Jaws 3 got made. If you are curious to learn about the third Jaws movie, I encourage you to watch the videos below.

#7 More details about the FTX financial disaster and Sam Bankman-Fried The news about the FTX financial disaster is still hot and Samuel Bankman-Fried has a lot of explaining to do. It is indeed tragic to lose all your wealth and investments because of FTX. In recent times, there were new details revealed that will help you understand why and how the FTX financial disaster happened. Financial tragedies like this one should make you think very carefully before making an investment with anything related to cryptocurrency. Watch the videos below.


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