Planet of Lana now available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows PC and Xbox Game Pass (XGP) service

Planet of Lana, the newest game from Wishfully Studios and Thunderful Games, is now available for gamers to enjoy on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Windows PC and on the Xbox Game Pass (XGP) service! As of this writing, the game has been praise from video game critics (click here, here, here, here and here) and I myself just started playing it on my Xbox Series X console and already I am having fun.

For the newcomers reading this, posted below is an excerpt from the official pre-release press release of the game from Thunderful Games. Some parts in boldface…

Appearing on over 40 “most anticipated” lists, including from the likes of IGN, Gamespot, Eurogamer, Polygon, Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, Time and Game Informer, Planet of Lana is one of the most anticipated indie titles of recent years, drawing attention for its stunning art style, rousing soundtrack from D.I.C.E. and BAFTA-nominated composer Takeshi Furukawa, and unique companion-based mechanics.

Nothing like overcoming challenges and obstacles with a good sense of achievement proceeding to the next stage.

Set on an alien world, Planet of Lana tells the story of Lana and her loyal animal companion Mui as they embark on a rescue mission to save her sister. Blending an epic story that takes you on a spectacular journey across stunning natural landscapes with a touching personal relationship built between protagonists Lana and Mui, Planet of Lana is a game filled with wonder and adventure. Expect to encounter strange creatures and dangerous machines as you move through lush forests, mysterious caves and arid desert landscapes during your journey.

Lana swimming her way through the village.

Throughout daring platforming, engaging puzzles and tense stealth sequences, players will discover a game built around the unique companion mechanic that connects Lana and Mui. Only by working in tandem can you solve the puzzles and avoid the dangers that lay ahead of you, from stalking spindle-legged robot menaces that have mysteriously landed on Lana’s planet, to the not-always-friendly fauna that populates Planet of Lana’s breathtaking environments.

More on pre-release stuff, there is also a very detailed preview of Planet of Lana published through The preview was written by Wishfully Studios creative director Adam Stjärnljus.

As I mentioned earlier, I just started playing Planet of Lana on my console. So far, I’m having a good time playing it, and in my decades-long experience of playing video games, I can say that Planet of Lana has vibes of Flashback in terms of 2D platform gameplay and environment interaction. Compared to the mentioned old game, this new game’s controls are very user friendly, easy to learn and also very responsive. The art direction looks really nice and the music is a must-listen! Oh yes, there were these suspenseful moments that I experienced as I had Lana and her companion avoid destructive enemies with timely and strategic moves.

I really like the artistic direction and style of this game!

When it comes to the adventure aspect, this game reminds me of what I saw in anime productions of Studio Ghibli, specifically Princess Mononoke and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. The alien machines’ acts of abducting people even reminded me of the 21st century War of the Worlds movie.

As I’m writing this, there still more for me to discover playing Planet of Lana and I am eager to complete it, finish the tale and see what the game developers prepared. For those of you already subscribing to Xbox Game Pass, I encourage you to download the game and start playing it.

The scale is very immense in this part of the game!

Go for Planet of Lana on Xbox platforms, Windows PC and Xbox Game Pass now! Click

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