A Look Back at Prototype #7 (1994)

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Hey everyone! Are you ready for another return to the Ultraverse following the tales of Prototype?

We can start now with this look back at Prototype #7, published in 1994 by Malibu Comics with a story written by Tom Mason and Len Strazewski, and illustrated by Roger Robinson.

The cover.

Early story

The story begins high above the city street with a battle between Prototype (piloted by Jimmy Ruiz using a more advanced armor provided by his boss) and Arena. The boss of Jimmy could only express surprise to see Arena return having believed that Bob Campbell finished him off some months back.

As the fight goes on, Arena realizes that it is not his old nemesis Bob Campbell occupying the Prototype armor. For his part, Jimmy struggles with the uncertainty that comes with fighting his predecessor’s nemesis from the past.

Meanwhile at the roof of Ultratech’s headquarters in the city, armed and armored personnel take position following the orders of Leland…


Once again, Tom Mason and Len Strazewski crafted another strongly engaging story with the established mix of spectacle, corporate intrigue and the continued development of the two pilots of Prototype – Jimmy and Bob.

Speaking of the two, I love the way the story explored the other key elements from the respective personal lives of Jimmy and Bob. While Bob tends to his friend Jake in the hospital, Jimmy’s girl continues to pursue him (Jimmy) even though he is occupied with working as Prototype. This comic book also went the extra mile confirming the shared universe connection with a certain other Ultraverse character (note: he had his own series) making an appearance.

Artist Roger Robinson continued to deliver nice visuals that reflected the script, from the subtle drama scenes to the dynamic action scenes.


The money shot!

Prototype #7 is another solidly enjoyable comic book of the Ultraverse, worthy of inclusion in your collection.

If you are seriously planning to buy an existing hard copy of Prototype #7 (1994), be aware that as of this writing, MileHighComics.com shows that the near-mint copy of the regular edition costs $4 while the near-mint copy of the newsstand edition costs $13.

Overall, Prototype #7 is recommended.

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