A Look Back at Warriors of Plasm #2

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Shortly after the release of Warriors of Plasm #1 way back in 1993, I realized that I was not the only reader who really enjoyed the sci-fi epic opener of Jim Shooter and David Lapham. There were a few fellow comic book collectors I personally knew who bought the said comic book on their own and came back with rave reactions to it.

Back in those days, finding a copy of Warriors of Plasm #1 was a challenge since there were some local comic book specialty stores that did not have copies of it and other Defiant Comics titles for some reason.

Given how the story turned out, Warriors of Plasm #1 left me anticipating for more. As such, we can proceed with a nice look back at Warriors of Plasm #2, published by Defiant Comics in 1993 with a story by Shooter and visuals by Lapham (with ink work by Mike Witherby).

The cover.

Early story

The story begins on planet Earth. The five earthlings (who were abducted by inquisitor Lorca and became the lone survivors among the many other people of Earth who died in Plasm) found themselves back on their world, specifically just outside a factory. The survivors are Cookie, Rick, Louise, Martin and Elvis. By this time, they are getting used with new abilities and skills (apart from the organic suits they are wearing) they gained from Plasm.

Feeling disoriented from the whole experience of Plasm and the unexpected way of traveling back home, the survivors struggle with deciding where to go and what to do next. Elvis, a lieutenant, insisted they should to the nearest fort believing that their situation is a military matter. Louise stated they should fine a police officer as she considered their situation to be a case of kidnapping.

Meanwhile back in the org of Plasm, a lord named Thoraxolic arrives. Lorca and his team are struggling to get rid of the evidence of his failed genetic gamble with the ten thousand Earthlings (and their corpses) that he had transported into Plasm. He tells his lust mate Sueraceen that the people from Earth were rather fragile and that only five survived.

Their private time together gets interrupted when Thoraxolic communicates with them via an organic monitor. Afterwards, Lorca and Sueraceen leave their chamber to meet with Thoraxolic who brought with her an assembled task force. There is tension between Sueraceen and Thoraxolic.

Lorca and Sueraceen talk while their crew cleans up the remains.
The meeting with Thoraxolic.


How is this comic book? I am happy to say that Warriors of Plasm #2 is a very solid follow-up to the previous issue. While issue #1 was all about discovering Plasm, its people and organic technology, this comic book explores more about the Plasm’s hierarchy while fleshing out the five Earth survivors who must deal with the new reality they face while they are back home.

Jim Shooter’s plotting is excellent and I really like the way this comic book followed the parallel events on Earth and Plasm. Shooter even added some realism into the story, especially when the survivors (who are still wearing the organic suits they got in Plasm) explain themselves to the police at the station in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Unsurprisingly, the dialogue written is deep. Checkout the exchange below between Lorca and Sueraceen.

Lorca: Centurion, our first objective is to find and slaughter the five experimental subjects who escaped from my centrum.

Sueraceen: No. Capture them, centurion. I want them alive.

Lorca: But Sue, they could be dangerous. I’ve learned all I can from them. I’m finished with them!

Sueraceen: I’m not…especially if they’re dangerous. I want to see these “experiments.” Besides, you’re up to something that you’re not telling me about. I intend to learn the nature of your treachery, lust-mate…and against whom it’s truly intended. Intrigue…tweaks me.

More on the writing, Shooter really took his time to develop the characters and found the right situations to unveil the survivor’s respective special abilities. This is really nice because it shows there was careful planning on structuring the plot of this comic book.

Along the way, David Lapham provided really nice artwork that brought Shooter’s vision to life. While this comic book looks less grand because it has scenes set in America and lesser scenes of Plasm, Lapham pounded on the spectacle. The actions scenes are quite striking to look at and at times, I felt like I watching an R-rated sci-fi action film. When it comes to visualizing the organic figures or technologies of Plasm, Lapham continued to excel.


Warriors of Plasm #2 is a great comic book! Jim Shooter and his creative team successfully pulled off an excellent follow-up to the excellent first issue. After reading this comic book, I felt more engaged just as I got to learn more about the characters – especially the five survivors – and at the same time, I enjoyed the narrative’s shift to planet Earth. The spectacle that took place in the late stage of the story was a nice pay-off to the build-up and characterization that preceded it. Even though there are few scenes set in Plasm, this one still has a nice sense of discovery for readers to enjoy.

The five survivors back on Earth.

If you are seriously planning to buy an existing hard copy of Warriors of Plasm #2, be aware that as of this writing, MileHighComics.com shows that the near-mint copy of the regular edition costs $4. The near-mint copy with the five signatures costs $26 while the near-mint copy of the comic book signed by Jim Shooter is priced at $7.

Overall, Warriors of Plasm #2 is highly recommended!

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