Gold Delight’s Coco Halo-Halo ice cream

Here in the Philippines, what is considered by many to be the most popular local dessert reflecting the Filipino culture is the Halo-halo. For the foreigners and newcomers reading this, the Halo-halo is the cold dessert composed of crushed ice, milk (condensed or evaporated) and a variety of ingredients such as purple yam (ube), nata de coco, leche flan slices, sweet beans, coconut strips, jelly orbs, gelatin portions, fruit slices and a scoop of ice cream.

In Tagalog (the major language here in the Philippines), halo means mix. Halo-halo then means mixture (rough translation – mix-mix) which is realized when a consumer mixes all the ingredients together. In this form, the consumer will experience a unique, sweetened taste with each serving by the spoon complete with different ingredients entering his or her mouth.

Now in line with this article’s topic, try to imagine halo-halo in the form of an ice cream! That’s right! There is such a thing and in certain points during my lifetime, I consumed ice cream designed to have the taste and ingredients of halo-halo! Such halo-halo flavored ice cream were temporarily offered by the different ice cream makers.

Here, I want to show you Gold Delight’s Coco Halo-halo ice cream which is now available in pints and half-gallons!

Gold Delight’s Coco Halo-Halo ice cream in half-gallon.
This is what the Coco Halo-halo ice cream looks like up close.
Coco Halo-halo in pint and in half-gallon. These were sold in Las Piñas City for P90 and P275 respectively.

So what can I say about the Coco Halo-halo ice cream? It is made with water, coconut milk, sugar, milk solids, red mongo beans, white beans, kaong, nata de coco, and jackfruit strips to name some. The ice cream itself is mildly sweet. Its taste is enhanced when you eat the ice cream with the frozen (but not hard) ingredients. While it is not as sweet as the standalone halo-halo dessert (note: which can be served sometimes with condensed milk by certain sellers), it still is delicious in my taste. It is also ideal during this hot summer season. As such, Gold Delight’s Coco Halo-halo ice cream is recommended.  

For more content about Gold Delight and Ice Cream House, check out my Coffee Crumble-Cocoflan article as well as my DIY Sundae Box article and the Pastilla de Langka article. If you are interested in ordering Gold Delight ice cream products and have them delivered to your household, call their mobile number 09190091543 or visit them at their official Facebook page at

The details regarding ordering such as how to pay, what form to fill up and how long it will take for orders to be delivered are available for viewing at the FB page.

For those of you living in or near Las Piñas City, there is a local seller of Gold Delight ice cream products and you can call them at mobile phone numbers 0915-4606505 or 0917-3646363.


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Gold Delight’s Coffee Crumble and Cocoflan ice cream

Like anyone else, I enjoy consuming ice cream especially when it is very well prepared, finely formulated, has a great mix of ingredients and delivers a really great taste. Here in the Philippines, there are these three major brands of ice cream that are often available around through the groceries, the convenience stores, the community store and the like. Frankly speaking, I have grown tired of the ice cream products of those three major brands.

Fortunately and thanks to the Lord, a great alternative was realized in October 2016 when Ice Cream House opened its branch along Presidents Avenue, Barangay BF Homes, Parañaque City. On my first-ever visit at Ice Cream House, I easily noticed their wide selection of ice cream products and frozen delights under the brand called Gold Delight. Subsequently, I revisited Ice Cream House BF Homes branch again and again taking home pints or half-gallons of their ice cream which are all delicious. Members of our household as well as some friends and guests all found Gold Delight ice cream tasty and nice.

The BF Homes branch of Ice Cream House unfortunately shut down as a result of the pandemic and the community quarantine that followed which brought down the economy. The same thing happened also to the Ice Cream House branch along CAA Road in Las Piñas City. Fortunately for ice cream enthusiasts of South Metro Manila, there is one vendor selling Gold Delight ice cream and frozen delights in Las Piñas City (call 0915-4606505) located across a certain college there. And here is the real deal on acquiring Gold Delight ice cream products – the Ice Cream House company is accepting orders online and they actually deliver the products to the customers! Visit their Facebook page to see the steps and details.

This brings me to the topic of this article. Thanks to the Ice Cream House company for fulfilling my orders and successfully delivering all the way from Quezon City to Alabang, my family enjoyed the Gold Delight ice cream in HGs and pints. For this article, the spotlight is on two notable flavors of Gold Delight ice cream – Coffee Crumble and Cocoflan.

Coffee Crumble

Coffee is very popular here in the Philippines, specifically in its hot form. Coffee also made its way into ice cream locally although there is not much variety of it. There is one particular major ice cream brand that has offered coffee crumble ice cream for a long time and I personally got tired of that. That being said, Gold Delight’s coffee crumble ice cream is so much better than that of the major brand!

Firstly, the coffee blended by Gold Delight alone has stronger flavor compared to that of the major brand. Secondly, there is a sufficient amount of chocolate chips which not only add to the already good coffee flavor, but also ensures crunches for each bite. In other words, the chocolate chips really add to the crumble factor of Gold Delight’s coffee crumble ice cream! Thirdly, the sweetness of it all is pretty satisfying to my taste. Gold Delight’s coffee crumble ice cream is very delicious and I highly recommend it!


What is Cocoflan? Literally speaking, it is the combination coconut milk and the Philippine delicacy of leche flan. This is, in my opinion, the most unique ice cream ever made by the Ice Cream House company and the good news here is that it is very delicious.

For one thing, there is not enough ice cream products here in the Philippines that make good use of coconut milk. Coconut milk is unique with the way it is sourced and prepared, and has nutritional benefits. That being said, coconut milk gives Cocoflan a unique and nice flavor. Adding more flavor in the same ice cream are pieces of leche flan which are spread randomly from the top to the bottom. Cocoflan is not only very delicious, but also has a very unique taste that really makes it stand out among all ice cream being sold here in the Philippines. As such, it is highly recommended.


If you love ice cream with the taste of coffee or coconut milk or leche flan, or if you simply love very delicious ice cream regardless of brand, you should go for Gold Delight’s Coffee Crumble and its signature Cocoflan. Take note that these are just a few of the many flavors of ice cream that the Ice Cream House company is offering

If you are curious for more or if you really want to order Gold Delight ice cream from Ice Cream House, contact them at mobile phone number 09190091543 or visit them on Facebook at

Be aware that they are accepting orders through their Facebook page via FB Messenger and you can avail of their order form for you to fill up. Payments can be done by GCash, Pay Maya or bank transfer through BPI, BDO or PNB. Orders successfully processed can be delivered to you within 1 or 2 days.

If anyone of you reading this love ice cream, let me ask you the following key questions: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream right now? What do you look for in ice cream? When was the last time you switched from a major ice cream brand to a lesser-known ice cream brand? You may answer in the comments section below.


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