Gold Delight’s Pastillas de Langka

You guys and gals enjoy the taste and coolness of gelato? For the newcomers reading this, gelato is a frozen dessert of Italian origin and what makes it different from ice cream is that it is composed with more milk and less cream than ice cream, and is also usually made without egg yolks.

For us living in Metro Manila here in the Philippines, there is a certain gelato that consumers can avail of locally thanks to the Ice Cream House company and it is called Pastillas de Langka.

The Pastillas de Langka from Gold Delight.

Called a coconut gelato, Pastillas de Langka is pastillas ice cream with bits of jack fruit. It is composed of coconut milk, jackfruit, milk powder and extract, sugar, water, stabilizer and emulsifier. Served in 1-liter plastic containers, the Pastillas de Langka I bought in nearby Las Piñas City (note: vendor of Gold Delight ice cream there can be contacted for orders and inquiries 09154606505) cost me P135.

For the newcomers and foreigners reading this, pastillas (AKA Pastillas de Leche) is a popular Philippine delicacy made with milk as its core ingredient with refined sugar and calamansi juice as additional ingredients. I remember way back in my high school days when we were taught at school to make pastillas with powdered milk, refined sugar and condensed milk (liquid).

Going back to the Pastillas de Langka, I noticed how smooth, creamy and yet firm it is even when exposed to room temperature minutes after being brought out of the freezer. In short, it takes longer to melt compared to ice cream. If you want to know specific differences between gelato and ice cream, check this out.

How does it taste? Really good! Each serving of Pastillas de Langka I had was mildly sweet (with light flavors of pastillas and coconut milk). The bits of jackfruit (langka) added variety to the flavor.

A close look at Pastilla de Langka after a few servings scooped up. See the jackfruit bits?

If you are fond of cold dessert and want something tasty and mild with the sweetness, not to mention having lower fat content, then Ice Cream House’s Pastilla de Langka is recommended.   

For more content about Gold Delight and Ice Cream House, check out my Coffee Crumble-Cocoflan article as well as my DIY Sundae Box article. If you are interested in ordering Gold Delight ice cream products and have them delivered to your household, call mobile number 09190091543 or visit them on their Facebook at

The details regarding ordering such as how to pay, what form to fill up and how long it will take for orders to be delivered are available for viewing at the FB page.


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