Gold Delight’s DIY Sundae Box

Previously, I discussed the Coffee Crumble and Cocoflan ice cream of the Gold Delight brand made by the Ice Cream House company and both were really great. There are other many flavors of Gold Delight ice cream that are just waiting to be discovered like Brownie ala Mode, Triple Choco, Mango Overload, Avocado Frost and Double Dutch to name a few.

What I want to share to you here are my observations about another interesting thing from the Ice Cream House company that has been released to customers in light of the Christmas season. It is something meant to delight families, bring the parents/guardians and the children together in connection to their enjoyment of ice cream. That thing is the DIY Sundae Box which, as of this writing, is offered for P395 to customers (P295 if three Gold Delight half-gallon tubs were purchased).

The DIY Sundae Box has a nice exterior with a top label that says “Just add ice cream” and has the Gold Delight logo on a corner.

What does the DIY Sundae Box look like and what does it have? Check the pictures below.

This is what it looks like upon opening. Nice cards included.
Six party cups and six sugar cones.
Clockwise from the upper-left: roasted nuts, caramel syrup, choco fudge, chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles and mini-marshmallows. Partially seen above is the ice cream scooper.
One nice pack of Fornaio de Fran Brownie Brittle! This one alone makes a nice snack.

With all the nice stuff in place, I decided to do some experimenting with the Gold Delight ice cream available (specifically Triple Chocolate, Avocado Frost and Mango Overload) using two party cups and one sugar cone. Check out the pics below…

I had Triple Choco ice cream scoops with mini-marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles. A great tasting delight!

My first experiment was a party cup filled with portions of Triple Chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and mini marshmallows on top. The result is a great taste! The Triple Choco ice cream has the expected strong chocolate flavor and the taste is enhanced with the rainbow sprinkles. The mini marshmallows made each bite delightful. I highly recommend this combination.

Scoops of Mango Overload plus Avocado Frost plus mini marshmallows plus rainbow sprinkles equal a nice fruity taste!

The next experiment was another party cup with portions of Avocado Frost and Mango Overload. I used mini marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles. The result is a really delightful taste that is fruity and has a candy taste. I personally recommend this combination.

I used one sugar cone with Mango Overload ice cream.

Out of curiosity, I used a cone with a rough scoop of Mango Overload. Good enough.  


The DIY Sundae Kit is a nice package designed to delight families, provide consumers (especially children) the opportunities to customize their ice cream, and even serve something nice to guests at parties. At its current price, it is worth getting and it spares the consumer from having to go all the way out to the stores to buy the ingredients to customize ice cream at home.

If you are curious for more or if you want to order a DIY Sundae Kit from Ice Cream House, contact them directly at mobile phone number 09190091543 or visit them on their Facebook at

The details regarding ordering such as how to pay, what form to fill up and how long it will take for orders to be delivered are available for viewing at the FB page.

If there is anyone among you who already availed of the DIY Sundae Kit of Ice Cream House, please tell me what you think of it. Did your kids enjoy it? Let me know in the comments below.


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