A Look Back at X-Men 2099 #27

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Recently I mentioned how much I enjoyed reading X-Men 2099 #25 which marked the end of the initial direction of the futuristic mutants transitioning into a new creative direction that is no less intriguing. From being nomads, the X-Men of the future suddenly became authority personnel in Halo City (read my review of X-Men 2099 #26) which was nicely told.

Now we can proceed with a look back at X-Men 2099 #27, published in 1995 by Marvel Comics with a story by John Francis Moore and art by Ron Lim.

The cover.

Early story

The story begins a short time after the incident at Halo City. Tim Fitzgerald, AKA Skullfire, has been captured by the Undead. As it turns out, Serpentina (who actually died in X-Men 2099 #3) is among them. One of the Undead performs a ritual on Skullfire who finds himself somewhere in the afterlife.

Meanwhile at Halo City, the X-Men, who are now operating as the city’s Protectorate, report back to their boss Somers at the city’s administrative tower. As Meanstreak states that he could not find any trace of Skullfire’s mutant energy signature, Shakti responds by confirming that their missing teammate is dead. This outrages Luna (who got romantically involved with Skullfire).



“I don’t care what Shakti or anyone says! Tim is not dead! I’m going to find him and if you’re not going to help me,” Luna said. “Stay out of my way!”

At this stage, the X-Men discuss what to do next knowing that as authority personnel, they have obligations to attend to.


When it comes to the story, X-Men 2099 #27 is indeed an engaging follow-up to the previous comic book which ended with a strong twist. The energy from that twist carried on nicely here as John Francis Moore efficiently explored more of the Undead complete with a resurrected and even deformed Serpentina, while still being able to develop the X-Men struggling with their new roles.

A lot really went on with the plot. Not only was Xi’an revisited to be unsure and guilty of himself, there is also the sub-plot of a man spying around Halo City secretly doing his mission as well as further development of the X-Men’s boss.

What I like best about this comic book is the continued development of Skullfire, specifically his continued struggle with his purpose. As seen since X-Men 2099 #4, Skullfire’s humanity gradually slipped away becoming a more visceral, and even somewhat unlikable member of the team. John Francis Moore took this trend several notches higher now that he has been captured by the Undead which involves Serpentina, the one former X-Men member who oriented him about their team. A story like this motivates me to read the first three issues of X-Men 2099.

On the visuals, Ron Lim continued to deliver good stuff. His art on the Undead continues to be scary looking and, unsurprisingly, his take on action scenes remains good.


Skullfire with the Undead. Can you spot Serpentina?

X-Men 2099 #27 continued the reinvigorated storytelling engagement as the series brought the futuristic mutants further with the bold new direction that started in issue #25. In other words, it is a creative success and it is clear that John Francis Moore and Ron Lim were laser-focused on redefining 2099’s X-Men. Fun and intriguing to read.

If you are seriously considering buying an existing hard copy of X-Men 2099 #27, be aware that based on the listings of MileHighComics.com, as of this writing, a near-mint copy of the comic book’s regular edition is $4 while a near-mint-copy of the newsstand edition is priced at $8.

Overall, X-Men 2099 #27 is recommended.

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