Wonder Woman 1984 4K Blu-ray listing spotted online

Welcome back, fellow geeks and Wonder Woman fans!

Have you seen Wonder Woman 1984 yet? I have not and I am waiting for local cinemas to reopen to screen it. The pandemic really brought down movie theaters which is really bad not only for their industry but also because a lot of employees of cinemas lost their jobs. I’m not just talking about the people handling the tickets but also those who work to cook food, prepare drinks and serve them to moviegoers.

More on Wonder Woman 1984, the film is available for viewing via HBO Max (mainly in the United States) without a premium fee required. This, in my opinion, is a terrible move by AT&T-controlled Warner Bros. because customers’ payments for HBO Max do NOT really go to the producers and financiers who made the Patty Jenkins-directed sequel.

As I mentioned before, I prefer to watch Wonder Woman 1984 in the movie theater instead of streaming it. Back in June 2017, I went to the local IMAX cinema to watch Wonder Woman by buying a premium movie ticket, buying popcorn and a drink, sat comfortably and watched the movie in its full greatness. Truly, VOD streaming will NEVER match the experience of the cinema. Right now, I’m waiting for the opportunity to watch Wonder Woman 1984 in the local movie theater.

As for home viewing, I personally prefer watching movies via optic disc media over streaming. Blu-ray is notable for advantages over streaming. That being said, there is a much better option to view Wonder Woman 1984 in the comfort of home – the upcoming 4K Blu-ray combo release of Wonder Woman 1984!

When it comes to watching Wonder Woman 1984 in the comfort of home, this is the BETTER option than streaming! (source – Blu-ray.com)

Recently Wonder Woman 1984 has been listed at Blu-ray.com to be released in 4K Blu-ray disc format along with a Blu-ray disc (1080p) and a digital copy. While this is not in any way an official announcement (note: as of this writing, the listing does not have a release date yet), it is inevitable that Wonder Woman fans and consumers will have the option to buy the new movie in 4K Blu-ray and Blu-ray discs.

According to the listing at Blu-ray.com, Wonder Woman 1984 4K Blu-ray will have a native 4K (3840x2160p) resolution. This alone is a major improvement over the upscaled 4K resolution (read: fake 4K) that the Wonder Woman 4K Blu-ray had. Upscaled 4K means digitally stretching a lower resolution video until it reached 3840x2160p resolution. Native 4K means the footage truly got rendered in 3840x2160p resolution, and this means more detailed visuals! Take note that the new movie that starred Gal Gadot had scenes filmed with IMAX cameras and their high visual details should translate nicely in 4K Blu-ray.

More on Wonder Woman 1984 4K Blu-ray, its original aspect ratio is 2.39:1, its audio has Dolby Atmos and Dolby TrueHD 7.1 confirmed, its subtitles are in English, French and Spanish. For playback, the 4K Blu-ray will be region-free while the Blu-ray (1080p) will be coded for Region A.

How much will Wonder Woman 4K Blu-ray combo package cost and when will be released? We will find out soon enough. Personally, as soon as it becomes available for ordering at Amazon, I will order it. It should be noted that what you pay for Wonder Woman 4K Blu-ray (or the standalone Blu-ray 1080p release), part of your money will go to the movie producers and investors who are struggling to recover their investment. This is another solid reason why I will not stream this movie. Dump HBO Max!

If you are looking for more Wonder Woman-related content, just search here in my website’s search engine. For those who have not seen Wonder Woman 1984, I recommend reading my retro review of the 1987 comic book Wonder Woman #9 which itself is required reading to get yourselves oriented about the first full appearance of Cheetah (Barbara Minervia). Also check out my most recent Wonder Woman retro review as well as my 2017 Wonder Woman movie review and my No Man’s Land scene special feature.


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