My Observations: New Starbucks at Madison Galeries Coming Plus Fatmelts Diner’s Expansion at Pergola Mall

If there is anything notable about South Metro Manila, it is the fact that there is a “thin” border between the cities of Parañaque, Muntinlupa and Las Piñas in close proximity to Alabang-Zapote Road.

Look Concha Cruz Drive inside BF Homes subdivision. Part of it falls under Parañaque while the remaining part leading to Alabang-Zapote Road falls under Las Piñas City. Parallel to Concha Cruz Drive is Ramon Tirona street connecting Parañaque to Muntinlupa City through Alabang Hills Village.

Along the straight, long road that links Alabang Hills Village to the West Service Road is the nice looking, open-air mall called Madison Galeries which I occasionally visit. During my latest visit, I noticed something on the ground level…Manila’s Best Coffee is gone and in its place is the ongoing establishment of a new Starbucks Coffee branch.

The upcoming Starbucks Coffee shop at Madison Galeries.

Not only that. I noticed the said Starbucks also took a lot more space of the mall. There was another commercial joint beside Manila’s Best Coffee that is no more and its space got consumed. This is a huge Starbucks coming and there is always that possibility that it will help Madison Galeries attract even more customers. Consumers coming from BF Homes who wish to visit Madison Galeries by car will need a passing-through car sticker from the Alabang Hills Village Association first. Otherwise they will have to travel the long way along Dr. A. Santos Avenue or Alabang-Zapote Road to make it to the mall through the West Service Road.

Speaking of new things, I also noticed a change going on at the ground floor level of the Pergola Mall in Barangay BF Homes, Parañaque City. Check the picture below.

Fatmelts Diner is renovating and expanding at Pergola Mall.

Fatmelts Diner, a favorite food and beverage joint in the BF Homes community that has operated for many years now, is undergoing renovation and expansion. Similar to the upcoming Starbucks at Madison Galeries, the diner also consumed additional commercial space (not pictured) that was previously occupied by Di’ Mark’s Pizza.

I can only speculate that more space will mean more seats and tables for customers and more kitchen space and cooking equipment. How this will improve the quality of the food and service remains in question. Still this is something to look forward to once Fatmelts Diner reopens.

The thing about Pergola Mall and Madison Galeries is that, if you drive a car and you have the required car stickers (to pass through the villages), they are both reachable and you can enjoy what each place has to offer. This is one of the charms of South Metro Manila.






Get To Know the Club Sandwich

When reading the menu of a nice restaurant, have you wondered what the club sandwich listed is like? Does its name spark your curiosity? If you are planning to try that as your next meal, here’s something to read about.

Special thanks to Union Jack Tavern for their Chicken Club Sandwich which is composed of a large sandwich (divided into quarters) with some chips accompanying it.

To put things into perspective, the Club Sandwich (AKA Clubhouse Sandwich) is a uniquely presented type of sandwich with its bread being traditionally toasted and it carries slices of cooked poultry, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise and bacon. It can be served sliced into quarters or half portions. The club sandwich is notable for having the “double decker” structure.

Depending on the restaurant, it can be served with chips (AKA French Fries) or with a serving of coleslaw (or salad). As a meal, club sandwich can be quite filling on its own as the mix of toasted bread and its ingredients makes for a hefty content. In my experience with Union Jack Tavern‘s Chicken Club Sandwich, their meal accompanied with chips is indeed sufficient and stomach-filling.

What I like about the club sandwich apart from its hefty content is that it tastes delicious even without the use of condiments. The taste of cooked poultry and bacon combined with the fresh vegetables make a nice experience on my taste buds.

Look at that!

So how did the club sandwich begin? A lot of experts disagree until now. It has been speculated that the club sandwich creation and its double decker design was inspired by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Also speculated was it starting as the Union Club Sandwich which was first referred to in print media form in 1889. As for who could have invented club sandwich, nobody could verify.

While its definitive origin remains undetermined, the club sandwich remains available in some restaurants in your local area and the good news is that a single order ensures satisfaction for your stomach and a good taste for your taste buds.

Speaking of food, let me end this with a verse from the Holy Bible.

Go, eat your bread with joy, And drink your wine with a merry heart; For God has already accepted your works.

Ecclesiastes 9: 7 (New King James Version) 

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