Remolino wins silver medal in the 32nd SEA Games men’s individual aquathlon event

This morning at Kep in Cambodia, Andrew Kim Remolino won for the Philippines the silver medal of the men’s individual aquathlon event in the ongoing 32nd Southeast Asian Games (also referred to as SEA Games and Cambodia 2023). For the newcomers reading this, this is the first time ever that the aquathlon got organized during the SEA Games and both the duathlon and triathlon events will follow over the next two days.

The image from the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Facebook page post congratulating Andrew Kim Remolino.

As expected, the battle for gold was indeed tough. The official results showed that the Cebu-based Remolino finished 2nd with a time of 15 minutes and 7 seconds (15:07). Remolino finished the 500-meter swim leg in 6:06, had transition time of 22 seconds and ran 2.5 Kilometers in 8:39. The gold medal of the men’s aquathlon went to Indonesia’s Rashif Amila Yaqini (14:28) while the bronze went to Singapore’s Bryce Sheng Cher Chong (15:39). Remolino’s teammate Joshua Alexander Ramos finished 5th place with 16:14.

On the women’s individual aquathlon, Raven Faith Alcoseba ended up short of capturing the bronze medal as she finished 4th with 17:43 (6:47 in the swim, 26 seconds transition time and 10:30 in the run). The Cebu-based Alcoseba was just ten seconds behind Indonesia’s Dea Salsabila Putri who captured the bronze medal. Alcoseba’s teammate Gene Heart Quiambao ended up at 8th place with 18:30. The gold and silver medals went to Cambodia’s Margot Morokot Garabedian (16:09) and Thailand’s Aisika Kaewyongkod (17:15).  

The Mixed Aquathlon 4X Team Relay will be held this afternoon. Tomorrow, the Men’s Individual Duathlon will start at 6:30 AM while the Women’s Individual Duathlon will take place at 8:30 AM.

On May 8, the Women’s Individual Triathlon will go first at 6:30 AM followed by the Men’s Individual Triathlon at 8:30 AM. The Philippines is aiming for 3-4 gold medals in the triathlon events.

Watch out for more 2023 SEA Games multisport updates right here.


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