Spotlight on the Cebu-based Philippine Team triathletes competing in the 32nd SEA Games

With the much-awaited triathlon events in the 32nd edition of the Southeast Asian Games (also referred to as SEA Games and Cambodia 2023) happening a few days away, there is confidence on the Cebu-based members of the Philippine triathlon team to win big, according to a Cebu Daily News (CDN) sports news report. Among the Cebuanos are Andrew Kim Remolino and Raven Faith Alcoseba who won big for the Philippines in the previous SEA Games (click here and here).

To put things in perspective, posted below is an excerpt from the CDN sports article. Some parts in boldface…

Veteran triathlon coach Roland Remolino is confident of the chances of the three Cebuano triathletes under his wing to win medals in the 32nd Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) next month in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Remolino, head coach of two-time SEA Games men’s triathlon silver medalist Andrew Kim Remolino as well as that of the women’s triathlon bronze medalist Raven Faith Alcoseba, told CDN Digital that they had been grinding in training since last year for the SEA Games.

 “Wala mi pahuway, continuous atong training. Moslow down ra mi gamay kung naay lumba pareho atong sa Subic International Triathlon,” said Remolino, who is also the father of Andrew Kim Remolino.

(We did not rest, our training was continuous. We only slowed down a little if there are races such as the Subic International Triathlon.)

Andrew Kim Remolino finished 33rd in the Subic International (Triathlon) that was dominated by Australians in both the elite men’s and women’s division.

Meanwhile, Alcoseba who recently underwent laparoscopic appendectomy a month ago finished 24th in the elite distaff side.

“Para nako dili na hindrance. Mas modaog siya karon. Kusgan kaayo si Raven, kahibaw mi na operahan siya sa appendix, pero recovered na siya 90 percent,” said Coach Remolino.

(For me, that is not a hindrance. She can really win now. Raven is very strong, we know that she would undergo an operation for her appendix, but she has recovered 90 percent already.)

Joining them is newcomer and the Philippine team’s youngest SEA Games contender, 17-year-old Matthew Justine Hermosa.

Coach Remolino revealed that they were at the New Clark City Stadium in Tarlac training for the SEA Games.

“Confident ra ko mokuha mi og medals jud aning SEA Games. Dili ko makasure kung first or second, pero confident ug salig ra ko sa akong mga triathletes. Sige man jud mi ug training. Sige mi og bukbok og training, nagsige sad mi ug duwa ug mga qualifying races, wala pay labot ang local races,” Coach Remolino said.

(I am confident that they can get medals in the SEA Games. I am not sure if first or second, but I am confident and I believe in my triathletes. They have been training rigorously. We have been pushing them in training, we have also competed in qualifying races, and that does not include the local races.)

“Mas dako og advantage diri sa Tarlac mi nagtraining kay access namo tanan training facilities. Dili pareho sa Cebu nga one-hour ra mi sa oval, nagkuwang-kuwang mi og training. Mas complete diri ug mas mingaw diri, makafocus gyud mi ug maayo,” he said.

(The facility here is bigger and training facilities here in Tarlac is an advantage to us because they are accessible to all of us. And not like in Cebu where we only have one-hour in the oval, Our training was lacking. Here our training is more complete and the area has less crowds, we can really focus on our training.)

In last year’s SEA Games, coach Remolino said that they had difficulties training due to the Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the LGUs throughout Cebu. Still, Alcoseba and Andrew Kim delivered two medals for the Philippine team.

Kim Mangrobang and Fernando Caseres were the gold medalists in the Philippine-dominated sport.

For the newcomers reading this, Cebu province has long been a hot spot for triathlon events and new talents in the history of Philippine triathlon. Andrew Kim Remolino and Raven Faith Alcoseba are both young, have achieved a lot for the nation and there is more to come for them. There will be challenges or even surprises at the SEA Games triathlon events in Cambodia which will commence on May 8, 2023 with the Women’s Individual Triathlon happening at 6:30 AM and the Men’s Individual Triathlon at 8:30 AM, according to the official Cambodia SEA Games website.

2021 Vietnam SEA Games bronze medalist in women’s triathlon Raven Faith Alcoseba. (photo source – Philippine Sports Commission)
2021 Vietnam SEA Games silver medalist in men’s triathlon Andrew Kim Remolino. (photo source – Philippine Sports Commission)

The Philippines will also be competing in the SEA Games duathlon and aquathlon events in Cambodia. All the multisport events will be held in Kep which has a beach. For added insight about the Philippines’ SEA Games campaign in triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon, watch the videos below…

Let me end this piece by asking you readers: What is your reaction to this recent development? Do you think the Philippines will win the gold medals in triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon at the SEA Games in Cambodia a few days from now?

You may answer in the comments below. If you prefer to answer privately, you may do so by sending me a direct message online.


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