Darna project starring Jane de Leon now an upcoming TV series

It’s been quite a long time since there has been any official news released about the much-delayed Darna project that currently has Jane de Leon as its star. It is true that the current pandemic set much of the whole world back and that is very true with businesses, governments and entertainment to name a few. Making a production of television or movies is more challenging than before which probably explains why the Darna project with De Leon has been turned into a TV series.

That’s right! The Darna project that was conceived to be a movie that had Liza Soberano as its original star (before De Leon replaced her) will be remade for television audiences here in the Philippines. The new series should debut in 2021.

Jane de Leon is still the star of the Darna project which is now an upcoming TV series set for 2021. (photo a property of ABS-CBN)

In an article at ABS-CBN.com, the hard adjustment of the Darna project was announced on December 5, 2020 during the special contract signing event titled Star Magic Shines On. ABS-CBN’s chief operating officer of broadcast Cory Vidanes said that the Darna TV series has been approved and will indeed push through with its broadcasting sometime next year. It was also made clear that Jane de Leon is still the star in portraying the Philippine superhero icon.

Below are excerpts from the article:

“I’m overwhelmed by the happiness I feel. I am so excited for the next chapters of my life,” Jane said.

“It’s another dream come true. I have so much gratitude for our bosses because until now, they still entrust me with Darna’s stone,” she added.

Those were the details as of this writing. It remains to be seen who else will star in the Darna TV series and what characters as well as what villains will be featured. How many episodes will be made, what costume design of Darna for Jane de Leon will be used, and what the frequency of the series will be have yet to be revealed.

The way I look at it, the pandemic made ABS-CBN rethink its current strategy on selling entertainment. For many months now, most movie theaters here in the Philippines have been closed which makes a Darna movie not feasible.

This not the first time that stories of Darna will be broadcast to many households nationwide. ABS-CBN’s rival GMA Network produced a Darna series starring the famous Angel Locsin, and another series starring Marian Rivera. Both Darna TV series were released just a few years apart from each other. By the time ABS-CBN’s own series of the superhero icon finally starts broadcasting, it will be the first time in over a decade Filipinos saw new Darna stories on their TV sets.

In ending this article, I want to ask you my readers: What do you think of this latest move by ABS-CBN? Do you still want to see a Darna movie starring Jane de Leon? To answer, please comment below. Thank you and come back here for future updates about Darna.


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