Spectators at the 31st SEA Games are not required to take COVID-19 tests

Are you planning to personally visit Vietnam and watch the many sports events of the delayed 31st Southeast Asian Games (also referred to as 31st SEA Games, SEA Games 31 and Hanoi 2021) live as a sports spectator? While it is true that Vietnam has been opened to foreign tourists for over a month now, there are still requirements that need to be fulfilled before enjoying the freedom of touring and discovering the nation.

As it is the Southeast Asian region’s biggest sports event, the SEA Games are indeed highly crucial to the tourism goals of host city Hanoi and the rest of Vietnam. Recently, the Vietnam authorities announced that spectators at the SEA Games are not required to take COVID-19 tests, according to a report by VietnamPlus.vn.

To put things in perspective, posted below is an excerpt from the VietnamPlus.vn article. Some parts in boldface…

Spectators watching competitions in person during the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31) will not be required to take COVID-19 tests before enter the stadiums, according to guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health on April 16 regarding COVID-19 control measures during the regional sport event.

According to the guidelines, guests to the event at deputy ministerial level and above, as well as heads and deputy heads of sport delegations neither need to show negative COVID-19 testing results when entering Vietnam nor take testing after arrival. They also do not need to take quarantine.

Meanwhile, sport officials, referees and athletes are required to have certified negative RT-PCR/RT-LAMP testing results taken within 72 hours or rapid antigen testing within 24 hours before entering Vietnam, but not required to take quarantine.

Coaches and athletes will need to take COVID-19 rapid tests 24 hours before each competition.

The guidelines also list COVID-19 control measures to be implemented at accommodation facilities for guests and athletes, with the setting up of SARS-CoV-2 testing areas and teams providing medical and food safety services for them. Quarantine and treatment rooms will also be arranged for COVID-19 patients with no or mild symptoms.

Athletes will travel in closed routes between their accommodation, training and competition venues.

The stadium hosting the opening and closing ceremonies will be disinfected before the events, while medical teams will stand by to give emergency aids and COVID-19 tests to persons who are suspected to infected with the disease.

Games will take place with either no spectator or with limited or unlimited number of spectators depending on COVID-19 situation at the host locality.

In case a COVID-19 patient is detected, the patient will take quarantine at their accommodation or treatment at medical centres depending on their health conditions.

Let me end this piece by asking you readers: In case you will be visiting Vietnam as a tourist immediately, do you plan to watch a SEA Games event as a spectator at the sports venue? How important are the SEA Games for you personally?

You may answer in the comments below. If you prefer to answer privately, you may do so by sending me a direct message online.


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