1st Mayor Ruffy Biazon Swim Cup attracts over 1,000 swimmers

Recently in the progressive City of Muntinlupa, the 1st Mayor Ruffy Biazon Swim Cup was held at the Muntinlupa Aquatic Center and it easily attracted over a thousand swimmers who engaged in varied contests, according to a Manila Standard news report. The big reception of the event – which was attended by Mayor Ruffy Biazon, Congressman Jaime Fresnedi and a lot of other notable officials – could be the first of many signs that Muntinlupa City will emerge as a hot spot for swimming and other aquatic events as far as Philippine sports development is concerned. The next aquatic event in Muntinlupa will happen a few days from now.

To put things in perspective, posted below is an excerpt from the Manila Standard news report. Some parts in boldface…

A record number of 1,200 swimmers participated in the 1st Mayor Ruffy Biazon Swim Cup on Saturday at the newly built Muntinlupa Aquatic Center in Muntinlupa City.

The organizing Swim League Philippines, headed by president Fred Ancheta, said the listup has already reached the maximum number of entries (700) as early as last week, but due to insistent public demand from swim clubs and organizations and after consultation with the city administration, the registration was extended further.

Equipped with modern equipment under FINA world standards, the Muntinlupa Aquatic Center is expected to be the center of swimming competitions from clubs based in the South.

This early, Ancheta said the Office of the Mayor is expected to sign a memorandum of agreement to make the center the official home of the SLP swimmers and its affiliated clubs and organizations.

“We’re grateful with Mayor Ruffy Biazon for hosting this event. With the enthusiasm from swimmers, coaches and parents to be part of this historic opening of the world-class swimming pool in Muntinlupa, the number of participants reached more than what we expected,” said Ancheta.

Sa sobrang tuwa ni Mayor Ruffy Biazon he will host another event. Those who wish to compete at the Muntinlupa Aquatic Center, you may join The Holiday Swim Cup on December 10, 2022,” added Ancheta.

As posted in the Facebook page of the City Government of Muntinlupa, the lists of awardees per category were listed as follows…

A nice shot from the event. (photo credit: Muntinlupa PIO)


Highest FINA Points (Boys)

🏅 Kyle Bagusto

🏅 Marcus  Johannes De Kam

🏅 Amber Araño

🏅 Wyatt Santos

🏅 John Patrick Leo Hondrade

🏅 Julian Louwers De Kam

🏅 Kristoff David

🏅 Emerson Matienzo

🏅 Joaquin Sto. Domingo

🏅 Chris Jimuel Mallari


Highest FINA Points (Girls)

🏅 Riannah Chantelle Coleman

🏅 Clara Yzabela Delos Santos

🏅 Ucary Phearl Sevilla

🏅 Shinloah Yve San Diego

🏅 Alyssa Cabatian

🏅 Daniella Anne Gregorio

🏅 Michaela Trinidad

🏅 Rafee Balbuena

🏅 Darcy Aliyah Tongos

🏅 Renee Margaret Diaz

Team Standing:

Class ABC

🏆 Champion, Poseidon Swimming Team

🏆 First Runner-up, Eastern Aquatics Swimming Team

🏆 Second Runner-up, Dax Swim Team

🏆 Third Runner-up, Sharpeedo Swim Team

🏆 Fourth Runner-up, Pasig Rave Barracudas Swim Team

🏆 Fifth Runner-up, De La Salle University-Dasmariñas

🏆 Sixth Runner-up, Bosay Resort Aquatic Club

Class D

🏆 Champion, Swim RX Swim Team

🏆 First Runner-up, San Pablo Titans Swim Club

🏆 Second Runner-up, Aqua Athlete Swim Club

🏆 Third Runner-up, Poseidon Swimming Team

🏆 Fourth Runner-up, Mako Sharks Swim Team

🏆 Fifth Runner-up, Pontefino Razorback Swim Team

🏆 Sixth Runner-up, Body and Mind Swim Club

“I would like to congratulate the City of Muntinlupa, for this amazing facility na first time in Metro Manila that we have this kind of facility, and the hardworking people behind this world-class facility. And I hope na it will really help the grassroots swimming program in our country to help boost the grassroot development of our swimmers and athletes,” Muntinlupa City Mayor Ruffy Biazon stated via the City Government’s December 5, 2022 Facebook page post.

Muntinlupa City Mayor Ruffy Biazon delivered his remarks. (photo credit: Muntinlupa PIO)

Let me end this piece by asking you readers: If you are a Muntinlupa City resident, what is your reaction to this recent development? Are you excited about the prospects of the city becoming a major destination for aquatic and swimming events? Have you visited the Muntinlupa Aquatic Center already? If you are organizing a triathlon club, would you consider the Muntinlupa Aquatic Center as a venue for your training?

You may answer in the comments below. If you prefer to answer privately, you may do so by sending me a direct message online.


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