Plastics Drop-Off Project by Mindbuilders Preschool and Partners Nets 84.7 Kilograms (UPDATE: Next Project on November 5 and 6)

Plastics Drop-Off Project by Mindbuilders Preschool and Partners Nets 84.7 Kilograms

A total of almost eighty-five kilograms worth of plastic materials was collected by Mindbuilders Preschool from donors who visited them along Tropical Avenue, BF International, Las Piñas City when the plastics drop-off campaign was held on August 29 and 30.

Several plastic materials collected at the school.

According to Mindbuilders Preschool Directress Marah V. Estuesta, precisely 84.7 kilograms worth of soft and hard plastic materials was dropped off by donors (including myself because I wanted to reduce plastic from our household and I do care about our environment) which made their project with partners Envirotech Waste Recycling, Inc. and Pure Oceans Philippines an undeniable success. Soft plastic materials include residual plastic like candy wrappers, plastic labo, straws and sando bags to name some. Hard plastic materials include toys, plastic bottles, take-out containers, broken appliance bits, etc.

“This is actually our second plastic collection drive for this year.  The first collection/turnover was done last March 2019.  This plastic drop-off project is actually a follow-up activity of the Mindbuilders Preschool’s Chopin Project 2019 ‘Green Guardians’ where our Kindergarten students planned and organized a fun run to raise funds for the Las Piñas Parañaque Critical Habitat Ecotourism Area (LPPCHEA),” Estuesta stated.

She elaborated that the plastic materials collected were brought by Pure Oceans Philippines to Envirotech Waste Recycling’s upcycling plant which was designed to convert the materials into 100% upcycled plastic products such as school chairs. Pure Oceans confirmed to Mindbuilders Preschool that the collection of plastic exceeded their expectations.

Estuesta explained that their school really aimed to encourage the Mindbuilders families to adhere to lifestyle changes for the betterment of the environment as well as for the future of mankind and Mother Earth.

The result? Most of the plastic donated came from the said families. In addition, the school got a surprise assistance from CTSI Logistics which saw a key post in the Mindbuilders Preschool Facebook page. This resulted CTSI Logistics sending them their boxes of plastics and they expressed thanks to them for setting a great example in teaching kids the importance of recycling.

CTSI Logistics dropped off several boxes of plastic materials at the school. This was the result of the company spotting a Facebook post from Mindbuilders Preschool. (photo source – Mindbuilders Preschool Facebook page)

When asked about the possibility that another plastic donation drive will be held in the near future, Estuesta stated that Mindbuilders Preschool foresees the Green Guardians plastic collection to be a long-term project by keeping its partnership with Pure Oceans as well as making the collection-turnover of plastic a regular practice to be done quarterly.

For those of you reading this, if you are within the BF Homes community and you have excessive plastic materials at home or at your business facilities, watch out for the next plastic drop-off drive of Mindbuilders Preschool which you can call at 82507419 and 0927-2062506.

Marah V. Estuesta’s Message to the Readers

“Everyone should be a green guardian and do their part to rise up and take action on behalf of the planet.  These environmental acts may be little but can definitely make a difference in our country and in the world.”

Mindbuilders Preschool Directress Marah V. Estuesta and child with the plastic materials. (photo source – Mindbuilders Preschool Facebook page)

About Mindbuilders Preschool

Mindbuilders Preschool is a Multiple Intelligence school located at 168 Tropical Avenue BF International Las Piñas City.  It was established in 2002 and is accredited by the Department of Education.  The preschool is also an active member of the Las Piñas Private Schools Association.  To date, Mindbuilders Preschool established itself with not only good quality education but also worked with its students on several social responsibility projects.  The school prides itself in having strong home and school collaboration.  The bond built with families is even carried beyond the child’s preschool years – evidence that Mindbuilders Preschool is more than just a learning institution.

Mindbuilders Preschool successfully implemented its Green Guardians project this year.


UPDATE (September 5, 2019)

Mindbuilders Preschool announced today that its next plastics drop-off project will be held on November 5 and 6.

If you are living within the South Metro Manila zone and you intend to get rid of the excess plastic materials of your household or your business establishment, now is a good time to start collecting.


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