A Lively Family Day Celebrated by Mindbuilders Preschool in Tahanan Village

A Lively Family Day Celebrated by Mindbuilders Preschool in Tahanan Village

A grand shot of the families and students who were part of Mindbuilders Preschool’s Family Day celebration. (photo contributed by Mindbuilders Preschool)

On the morning of September 21, Mindbuilders Preschool successfully organized its Family Day event at the covered basketball court at the park of Tahanan Village in Parañaque City.

An estimated 100 families attended the event which was still a good turnout considering the weather that day. There was a huge audience of parents and other family members who witnessed the little kids participate in this year’s theme: Game of Cones which was a friendly competition in which the young children participate by teams (Blue and Red) to play different games that involved cones such as Cone Slalom, Stack of Cones Relay, Cone Hat Relay, Ball in Cone, Cone Scoop Relay, and Pass the Cone Relay.  Finishing the task first or with the most number of cones makes a team win!

The Blue team scores.

Both participants got loot bags which contain prizes from parents/sponsors.

The most anticipated cheering competition was won this year by the the Blue Team.

During the event, Mindbuilders Preschool administrator Marah V. Estuesta confirmed that the turnout of families was greater than what was anticipated. Apart from the families of the students, families of alumni members of the school also attended and socialized with others.

So did the other side.

Mindbuilders Preschool’s Family Day was organized to bring families together, have fun watching the contests, and to socialize. The contests themselves were nice physical exercises for the participants which are quite meaningful given today’s social obsession (or strong attachment) with gadgets and social media.

The event was sponsored by Belo, Downy, Dole, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Potato Corner, Senor Rolando Lechon Belly House, Hobe, and Braiser’s Village Cafe. Thanks to the support of the sponsors, several packages of goods were given to the families.

A wider view of the Game of Cones.

In recent times, Mindbuilders Preschool has been active not only for its students but also for local communities. They successfully organized a plastics drop-off project with their strategic partners and they will do another edition of it on November 5 and 6.

For more information about Mindbuilders Preschool, click here.

About Mindbuilders Preschool

Mindbuilders Preschool is a Multiple Intelligence school located at 168 Tropical Avenue BF International Las Piñas City.  It was established in 2002 and is recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).  The preschool is also an active member of the Association of Las Piñas Private Schools.  To date, Mindbuilders Preschool established itself with not only good quality education but also worked with its students on several social responsibility projects.  The school prides itself in having strong home and school collaboration.  The bond built with families is even carried beyond the child’s preschool years – evidence that Mindbuilders Preschool is more than just a learning institution.


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