BF NorthWest New Board and Officers To Take Office January 1, 2020

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And now for the latest in BF Homes community news.

The BF NorthWest Homeowners Association, Inc. announced its newest lineup of officers as well as new sets of officers-per-district which was the result of their recent village election that took place on November 24, 2019.

Let’s start at the top.

BF NorthWest’s newest officials set to take office on January 1, 2020 (with the terms ending on December 31, 2021) are as follows:

President – Manuel E. Nubla

Vice President – Lualhati G. Trias

Secretary – Lea Castillo

Treasurer – Amor P. Isip 

Auditor – Gaudencio Hernandez, Jr.

The above officers were decided by the newly elected governors (BF NorthWest’s term for directors) who convened on December 1, 2019 and elected among themselves the new officers who will manage the affairs of the village.

As for the other officers per district elected, here are the following:


Governor – Reginald Orquiza

Vice Governor – Ramon Laqui

Secretary – Honorata Suarez

Treasurer – Vicente Ortega

Auditor – Luisito De Guzman


Governor – Aida Sora

Vice Governor – Betty Gomez

Secretary – Ferdinand Baena

Treasurer – Raymond Noel

Auditor – Eduardo Aquino


Governor – Joselito Isla

Vice Governor – Edwin Olivarez

Secretary – Luis Trinidad, Jr.

Treasurer – Carlo Busmente

Auditor – Romeo Vinco


Governor – Juan Carlos Guadarrama

Vice Governor – Lilia Fernandez

Secretary – Juanito Valdecantos

Treasurer – Rolly Zamora

Auditor – Stephanie Aquino


Governor – Amor Isip

Vice Governor – Miren Suntay

Secretary – Antonio Moncupa

Treasurer – Agustin Pangan

Auditor – Raul Anonuevo


Governor – Lualhati Trias

Vice Governor – Timoteo Tiangco

Secretary – Julie Ong

Treasurer – Jesus Manaloto

Auditor – Isabelo Agulay


Governor – Charlie Warren

Vice Governor – Ma. Fe Pagtalunan

Secretary – Anthony Vivero

Treasurer – Jeanne Yu

Auditor – Ma. Asuncion Vivero


Governor – Gaudencio Hernandez, Jr.

Vice Governor – Jovi Peralta

Secretary – Edwin Lopez

Treasurer – Noli Acuna

Auditor – Florentino Concepcion


Governor – Lea Castillo

Vice Governor – Elizabeth Ong

Secretary – Jesus Tambunting

Treasurer – Mario Piamonte

Auditor – Fernando Cawa


Governor – Manuel Nubla

Vice Governor – Honorato Mackay

Secretary – Roderick Mackay

Treasurer – Luisito Abano

Auditor – Jose Maria Austria


Governor – Alfonso Lumbad

Vice Governor – Lewellyn Fortuna

Secretary – Janelyn Smith

Treasurer – Ricardo Matias

Auditor – Atty. Nestor David

There you have it! The newest officers elected per district as well as the new officers of the BF NorthWest Homeowners Association. The information above came from an official document of the association formalizing the results of their recent election.

BF NorthWest has been in the positive spotlight lately. They hosted the successful BF HomeSarap Community Food Fair and Bazaar which attracted hundreds of visitors, including two City Councilors.

For the newcomers reading this, BF NorthWest is one of the largest and most significant enclaves of BF Homes subdivision. The enclave has gates along El Grande Avenue.

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