BF NorthWest Celebrates Christmas 2019

This past weekend, the BF NorthWest Homeowners Association, Inc. organized parties to celebrate Christmas (the birth of Lord Jesus) with its employees and security personnel in return for their dedicated service to the village homeowners all throughout the year.

First was a Christmas party in the evening of December 14 for the HOA employees and their family members held at the cover basketball court just steps away from the village clubhouse along Jakarta street. Catered food and free flowing drinks were served to the guests and present were present as well as incoming members of the association’s board of directors. Incoming BF NorthWest President Manny Nubla and incoming Vice President Lulu Trias attended.

Roasted pork prepared as incoming BF NorthWest President Manny Nubla watches.
The BF NorthWest association personnel and their family members.
A fun activity organized.
A collection of Christmas party prizes that eventually got raffled off.

As the games, gift exchange and fun went on, the party was visited by former Barangay BF Homes Kagawad Alfred Lazatin. During the summer of 2019, Lazatin’s 40th birthday celebration was held in the same covered basketball court there in the village.

Several minutes after, Parañaque City Councilor Jackie Bustamante-Mendoza and her son Joaqui arrived to meet and greet the locals.

City Councilor Jackie Bustamante-Mendoza welcomed by incoming BF NorthWest President Manny Nubla.
From left to right were Joaqui Bustamante-Mendoza, Councilor Jackie Bustamante-Mendoza, BF NorthWest incoming president Manny Nubla, BF NorthWest director Reggie Orquiza and former Barangay BF Homes Kagawad Alfred Lazatin.

The next day, December 15, the BF NorthWest HOA organized the Christmas party for their security personnel plus some guests which started at past 1PM at the 2nd floor of the village clubhouse.

It was another happy affair as the guests enjoyed good food and drinks, had fun partying and several of them went home with prizes that were raffled off.

Tasty food served to the security personnel during their December 15 Christmas party. (photo contributed by Lorea Miren)
A look at the food prepared for the many security personnel and guests. (photo contributed by Lorea Miren)

And there you have it. The BF NorthWest Homeowners Association, Inc. continued its long-time tradition of organizing Christmas parties for their office employees and the security personnel who worked hard all year-long to serve the village residents.

December 2019 has been quite a notable month for BF NorthWest. Not only did the association finalize the newest lineup of officers, they hosted a highly successful food fair and bazaar with BF HomeSarap.

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