BF Homes Developer Issues Demand to Bread From Heaven Christian Fellowship over Open Space

Hey everyone! Did any of you notice something unusual while driving along Concha Cruz Drive inside BF Homes subdivision, particularly at the corner of Domingo Poblete street in Parañaque City?

There is a church there called Bread From Heaven Christian Fellowship, Inc. (for short, I’ll call them Bread From Heaven) and recently developer BF Homes, Inc. (BFHI) called their attention regarding their occupation of a portion of the Open Space within Block Number 82.

To put things in perspective, the developer issued to them a letter of demand to comply dated October 14, 2019 which the church formally received on October 17, 2019.

BFHI President Engr. Fernando E. Javier wrote to Bread From Heaven that they required them to strictly comply with the terms and conditions of the Authority to Use (granted way back on April 8, 1986) the 460-Square-Meter portion of the 1,295 Square Meter comprising Block Number 82 for the construction and maintenance of a church building and a multipurpose hall.

Javier wrote that it came to the developer’s attention that Bread From Heaven failed to abide by such terms and conditions. It was pointed out that Bread From Heaven is using the entire area of Block Number 82 and has encroached into a portion of Block Number 33 (classified as an Open Space titled in BFHI’s name). These recent actions by the church, Javier wrote, constitute a violation of the authority that was granted to them.

“In view thereof, we hereby REVOKE your organization’s Authority to use Block 82, and DEMAND your organization to peacefully VACATE Blocks 82 and 33 within the period of fifteen (15) days from receipt hereof,” wrote the BFHI president in the letter.

Javier added that if Bread From Heaven does not comply, then the developer will not hesitate to initiate moves to evict them.

To calculate time, fifteen days starting from October 17 (the day Bread From Heaven officially received the letter) would mean the deadline is on November 1 which happens to be a holiday nationwide. The next business day after that would be November 4.

To make things clear, open spaces here in the Philippines are meant for the enjoyment and use of local residents, and at the same time are supposed to be free from the commerce of man. It is always the developer that creates open spaces in accordance to law. There is a national law about open spaces called Presidential Decree Number 1216 which you can read here.

With regards to BF Homes subdivision, which has a very long history and occupies land that fall within the jurisdiction of not just one but three different South Metro Manila cities – Parañaque, Muntinlupa and Las Piñas – there are several open spaces created by the developer that, believe it or not, somehow got occupied by varied groups and even businesses. BFHI continues its effort to reclaim the open spaces through legal proceedings. To be clear, the developer NEVER donated BF Homes subdivision (including the open spaces) to any homeowners association nor to any local government unit (LGU).

Stay tuned for the next development regarding the conflict between BFHI and Bread From Heaven.

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