I Love Israel: Israel donates 16,000 antigen test kits to Philippines’ Department of National Defense

Recently the State of Israel’s Ministry of Defense formally donated sixteen thousand antigen test kits to the Department of National Defense of the Philippines which was done by the Israeli Embassy and government officials in a ceremony, the Philippine News Agency (PNA) reported. This latest development is helpful in terms of combatting COVID-19 while aiding the health of Philippines defense personnel.

To put things in perspective, posted below is an excerpt from the PNA article. Some parts in boldface…

The Ministry of Defense of the State of Israel, through the Israeli Embassy in Manila, donated 16,000 units of antigen test kits to the Department of National Defense (DND) of the Philippines to help its fight against Covid-19.

Israeli diplomats Ambassador Ilan Fluss and Defense Attaché Mr. Raz Shabtay turned over the antigen test kits to National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana.

Friends support each other in times of need. Israel is a friend of the Philippines and will continue to assist and share its expertise in various fields. I am proud to deliver this Israeli assistance today to support the Department of National Defense of the Philippines in keeping this country safe and secure,” Fluss said.

“The relationship between Israel and the Philippines, particularly the relationship between both defense ministries, is never as strong as it is now,” Shabtay said.

“We are delighted to be able to support once more, in the form of contributing 16,000 antigen test kits, to help the Defense Forces of the Philippines in fighting this current Global Pandemic,” he added.

Israel continues to assist the Philippines in combatting Covid-19. In 2021, the Israeli government turned over personal protective equipment to the Department of National Defense and the Philippine National Police, two Israeli delegations of medical experts assisted the country’s national vaccination campaign and shared Israel’s local clinical guidelines for Covid-19 infection control protocols and hospital management.

Israel also continues to share its experience and knowledge in emergency and pandemic response with the Philippines through webinars, courses, and joint meetings.

The handover ceremony was held at the DND Headquarters in Quezon City on February 9.

The above article ended stating that those who attended the ceremony were Assistant Secretary Jesus Rey Avilla, Undersecretary Ricardo Jalad, Director Franklin Gali, Brig. Gen. Edgar Cardiñoza, Undersecretary Raymundo de Vera Elefante, and staff members of the DND and the embassy.

Be thankful to the Lord for the blossoming Israel-Philippines relations which are truly essential! For the newcomers reading this, Israel assisted the Philippines in varied ways such as sharing expertise on fighting COVID-19, vaccinating many Filipinos in Israel, and providing help to Typhoon Odette victims to name a few. In terms of national defense, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Philippines and Israel is in the works. Once again, be very thankful to God for Israel and its love for the Philippines! Be thankful that vaccination certificates of visitors from Israel are already being accepted here in the Philippines which is crucial to revive Philippine tourism! Be thankful to the Lord that the Abraham Accords are progressing and leading to more peace even though the United States has Commies in the Biden administration who prefer siding with Israel’s enemies. I urge you all to stand with Israel and help protect it from their enemies.

If you truly believe in Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Heavenly Father wholeheartedly and you continue to be faithful (not religious), you should be aware that Christians are meant to stand united with Israel, love the Jewish people and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. You can do your part supporting Israel by donating to Christians United for Israel (CUFI). Do not forget to read the Holy Bible, then pray in tongues to the Lord in the privacy of your room with the door shut.

Always be the fearless and aggressive church of Lord Jesus! Always stand in support of Israel!

In ending this I Love Israel piece, posted below are Israel-related videos for your viewing pleasure.


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