FamilyMart now serving customers inside BF Homes subdivision

FamilyMart, a chain of convenience stores with presence in strategic locations in Metro Manila and some provinces, recently opened a brand-new branch inside BF Homes subdivision in Parañaque City. The new store is located just steps away from the corner of Aguirre Avenue and Gonzales street. Very near FamilyMart BF Homes (which is not located along Aguirre Avenue) are Vapor and the closed gate of the nearest enclave.

This is FamilyMart BF Homes.

On the Facebook page of FamilyMart BF Homes, a picture was posted showing the ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place on the afternoon of September 28. On that same picture post, it was announced that the convenience store will operate daily from 9AM to 7PM.

Having seen that social media post, I took the opportunity to go there, see the new store and buy myself a drink. Having visited the past FamilyMart branch (opened in 2013 outside of the subdivision but still part of Barangay BF Homes) that once operated along Presidents Avenue years prior, I wondered how much interior space the new store has for its customers.

After parking my vehicle, I paid attention to the signs on the entrance. I could not just go in because I had to complete an online registration form (for COVID-19 contact tracing and referencing) in order to enter (note: it would be great if the store starts using the system as an additional contact tracing option). After submitting my details online, a store employee opened the door and near him were the temperature scanner and the sanitizer.

Family Mart BF Homes has an interior set-up that resembles a local community pharmacy. There is a counter with the store employees behind it waiting to serve customers. On the other side of the counter, there was limited space for customers to move with and there were shelves of varied products (mostly consumable goods), a freezer containing ice cream products, as well as refrigerators containing drinks and a few ready-to-cook food items. Ultimately, I bought a Milo shake from them.

While driving along Aguirre Avenue, watch out for this corner sign to find FamilyMart BF Homes.

Having visited FamilyMart branches in Parañaque City (two), Muntinlupa City (two) and Makati City (two), I can say that FamilyMart BF Homes is easily the smallest branch I ever visited. Not a bad thing but notable. The store is ideal if you want to stop by, buy something to enjoy and move on to your next destination.

Regardless, FamilyMart BF Homes still has a lot to offer that other convenient stores cannot. If you love chicken, FamilyMart has FamiChicky and ChickyPops. If you want something unique to eat, try their pizza bar. If you can’t afford ramen at the restaurants, FamilyMart offers ramen that is friendly to your budget. For the beverage enthusiasts, the Iced Caramel Macchiato, Sakura Ichigo, Signature Hot Matcha and Iced Creamy Matcha should be tried.    

To know more about FamilyMart BF Homes (address: 75 Aguirre Avenue), visit their official Facebook page at


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