Muntinlupa City warns violators of firecracker ban will be apprehended, targets zero casualty

The City Government of Muntinlupa reminds the public of the on-going ban on firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices, including open pipe mufflers, and warns violators that they will be apprehended.

Mayor Jaime Fresnedi urged residents to use alternative noise-making instruments and not to patronize firecrackers and open-pipe mufflers to celebrate the holidays and New Year’s Eve.

Fresnedi ordered the local Peace and Order Council, in coordination with Muntinlupa City Police Station, to put up checkpoints and conduct inspections and clearing operations on thoroughfares and marketplaces to apprehend violators.

The Muntinlupa City Council passed Ordinance No. 14-092 prohibiting the display and distribution of firecrackers in Muntinlupa as part of its efforts to reduce cases of casualties and harmful effects of pyrotechnic devices to health and the environment.

Violators will be fined with P1,000 up to P5,000 penalty. While commercial establishments selling firecrackers may face revocation of permit and license to operate in pursuant to penalties provided in the ordinance.

The City Government targets to record zero firecracker-related injuries this year following the success of the local ban on firecrackers on 2018 and 2019.

Muntinlupa is the sole LGU to have reported zero casualty and firecracker-related injury in Metro Manila for two years in a row. DOH Metro Manila Center for Health Development lauded Muntinlupa City as a model LGU in implementing the ban on firecrackers in NCR.

While alternative noise-making activities are encouraged, the Muntinlupa Traffic and Management Bureau warned motorists that the use of aftermarket mufflers, or removal of such, which emit excessive loud noise causing disturbances in the holiday season will be apprehended.

As per City Ordinance 04-022 or the Muntinlupa City Traffic Code, motorists shall equip their vehicles with a muffler to prevent unusual noise.

Recently, the Department of Health also discouraged the use of “torotot” and whistles during the holiday season as it poses risk of spreading COVID-19 through the release respiratory droplets from using these instruments.  The public is encouraged to use beat drums, blow car horns or use various household items to make noise on New Year’s Eve instead.

To report violations, you may coordinate with the following offices: MTMB (8831-9884), PNP Muntinlupa (8862-2611), BFP Muntinlupa (8842-2201), and Muntinlupa City Department of Disaster Resilience and Management (8925-4351).

As of December 28, Muntinlupa City has 36 active cases, 5,088 confirmed cases with 4,886 recoveries, 166 reported deaths, 27 suspect cases, and 191 probable cases.


The above information was provided by the City Government of Muntinlupa for the purpose of public information and transparency. Some parts were edited for this website.

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