My Observations: Lola Nena’s in BF Homes, Parañaque…and their Classic Old Fashioned Donuts

Inside BF Homes subdivision in Parañaque City, Aguirre Avenue is famous mainly for being the kilometers-long stretch of commercial joints, especially restaurants, cafes and bars. Some people referred to it as the Food Strip given the many places of food joints there are plus the wide variety of meals, drinks and other food items they offer collectively. More established brands like Shakey’s and Starbucks are present.

Due to the pandemic and community quarantine, a major economic downturn hit the entire Philippines which severely affected many businesses along Aguirre Avenue, reaching the point of having no choice but to shut down and layoff their employees. One of the food joints I featured before closed down sadly and left their Aguirre Avenue commercial space.

Subsequently a new food joint opened up in that very same commercial space which turned out to be the local branch of an existing business called Lola Nena’s. A few days ago, their BF Homes branch had its soft opening and quickly attracted several customers. Just yesterday, out of curiosity, I took the opportunity to visit them and take home something.

The counter at the Lola Nena’s BF Homes branch.

So what is Lola Nena’s? According to their history, they are a food joint that started in the year 2012 as a result of their founders who were inspired to recreate the famous Pichi Pichi of their family. What was a small starter on selling Pichi Pichi quickly grew in terms of popularity eventually compelling them to cook the said food in batches so that demand can be met. Today, Lola Nena’s sell Pichi Pichi by the bilao for those who want to buy a lot of it!

As the years passed by, Lola Nena’s (which heavily uses the color red) started offering more snack items and pastries. They also went on to offer pancit (noodle meals) and food products in bottles. In 2017, they launched their Classic Old Fashioned Donuts which went on to become a commercial hit. This year, they launched their Triple Cheese Donuts which caught a lot of attention on social media.

So there I was at the BF Homes Lola Nena’s branch. There was no line of customers but a few ones standing a few feet apart from each other. I noticed the place lacked indicators (marks or signs) as to where exactly should people stand to line up heading towards the counter for ordering and picking up products.

As I waited in line, I overheard some details between the customers and the Lola Nena’s personnel in front of me. Certain meals, a customer was told, will take forty-five minutes to be prepared and released due to high demand (many orders taken already) and the effort to prepare them properly. Customers were politely asked if they were willing to wait.

And then it was my turn. Out of curiosity, I decided to order one box of their Classic Old Fashioned Donuts to bring home for my family. As it turned out, there were already boxes filled with the said donuts waiting to be released. Right after I ordered, the lady at the counter pulled one box and properly prepared it for me. Then I paid for it and got the receipt I requested which was quickly done. It was a painless and quick transaction.

Once I got in the car, I decided to open the box (note: the boxes at Lola Nena’s counter were taped closed already) to see exactly what’s inside. After viewing, I deliberately avoided touching the doughnuts, closed it, and go back home.

The box from Lola Nena’s. There are some instructions written inside on preparing the doughnuts.
The eight Classic Old Fashioned Donuts I paid for. These last for up to 48 hours in room temperature. As such, you should be mindful about when to consume these at your home.

Finally, after arriving home, I shared the doughnuts to our household members. They all enjoyed it.

Each of the Classic Old Fashioned Donuts of Lola Nena’s were coated with sugar, had some sweet substance on the surface and even had small portions of cheese inside. These doughnuts, by the way, do not resemble the round doughnuts people know. Lola Nena’s doughnut are thick, were not really round and had no openings in the middle. Regardless, I personally found it to be delicious and enjoyable.

The Lola Nena’s doughnut up close.

For a box containing of eight of their Classic Old Fashioned Donuts, you do get good value and taste in return for the current price of P120. What you need to watch out for is your blood sugar level since these doughnuts were made with lots of sugar.

You will get to see a huge Lola Nena’s sign along Aguirre Avenue.

If you are planning to visit Lola Nena’s in BF Homes, head on to 287 Aguirre Avenue. In closing this, posted below is my video of the food joint.


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