COVID-19 Crisis: 2020 Parañaque Cityhood Anniversary celebration officially cancelled

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COVID-19 Crisis: 2020 Parañaque Cityhood Anniversary celebration officially cancelled

Just a few days ago, Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. (BPCI) announced via Facebook that it has officially postponed the Binibining Pilipinas 2020 Pageant indefinitely. The Bb. Pilipinas is a major beauty pageant and its annual event always draws a huge audience nationwide. As such, the postponement was a bummer for those who were anticipating it even though it is clear that the COVID-19 crisis is still in effect and the nation is slowly adjusting to move the economy forward. Clearly now is not a good time to organize live events with a huge physical audience in attendance. The Bb. Pilipinas organizers stated that it is essential to protect the health of their candidates and many others.

The above development reminded me of something – Parañaque City’s annual Cityhood Anniversary celebration which is traditionally done every February.

To put things in perspective, the 2020 edition of the Parañaque Cityhood Anniversary celebration saw only a few of its scheduled events push through (specifically events that did not involve a huge audience) due to COVID-19 fear.

Back then, the postponed events include the fun run, the Zumba and concert, the drum-and-lyre, the Sunduan exhibit, and most notably the city beauty pageants of Gandang Mamita and Bb. Parañaque. The mentioned pageants are often the most popular attractions of the Cityhood celebration.

That was back months ago.

Today I decided to approach the City Government of Parañaque to find out the status about the remaining events of their 2020 Cityhood Anniversary celebration that were postponed.

I inquired directly with Parañaque City Administrator Fernando “Ding” Soriano and he replied to me via text message as follows:

All events related to our Cityhood anniversary are now cancelled.

So there you have it, my readers. The 2020 Parañaque Cityhood Anniversary is officially no more as the City Government is focused on solving its COVID-19 problems and serving the local constituents. As of this writing, the City Government still has yet to release publicly a signed document by mayor Edwin Olivarez confirming the cancellation. Still, City Administrator Soriano’s words do confirm the cancellation of events.

Think about it carefully. As long as the COVID-19 Crisis continues and the new normal remains in effect, having a huge physical audience of spectators on competitions or special events is simply not doable and too risky for public health. No Parañaque fun run, no beauty pageants, no exhibitions, no parades and no contests. No Sunduan Festival as well.

While the COVID-19 Crisis is still here, it’s simply best to pray to Lord Jesus for the crisis to end, that cures and vaccines versus coronavirus will be realized, that the frontliners will be protected and rewarded for serving us for so long, and that life will return to normal.

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