Parañaque Cityhood Anniversary Celebration Activities Are Now Down to Four Due to Coronavirus Fears and Concern! (UPDATED)

February 2020 is already a much less exciting month for the City of Parañaque as their mayor Edwin Olivarez officially signed a February 4, 2020 memorandum INITIALLY POSTPONING effectively the 22nd Cityhood Anniversary celebration. This is because of fear and concern about the still-spreading 2019 Novel Coronavirus (NCoV).

No Cityhood Anniversary celebration this year! (photo source – Mayor Edwin Olivarez Facebook page)

And here are the activities that were planned to mark Parañaque’s 22nd anniversary as a City (which was realized way back on February 13, 1998).

Almost all of these activities have been postponed! (photo source – Mayor Edwin Olivarez Facebook page)

For this month, there are no more beauty pageants, no more comedy events, no more taxpayer recognition ceremony, no more festival, no more fireworks display, no more job fair, no Sunduan Festival and no State of the City Address (SOCAD).

However, today, the City Government announced that there are actually four Cityhood Anniversary events that will push through.

What remains scheduled to push through are the following:

Release of Scholarship (February 8)

Unveiling of the 2019 National Anti-Drugs Abuse Council Performance Marker and the Blessing of the DRRMO Command Center (February 10)

Blessing of Ospital ng Parañaque 2 (February 12)

No wonder there is disappointment in Parañaque. A lot of people anticipated the annual Cityhood Anniversary for reasons like fun, idolizing and the like. The remaining activities set to push through are ceremonial in nature. In other words, not exciting.

It only makes sense to postpone most of the Cityhood Anniversary celebration for the sake of ensuring that the local citizens will not gather in public venues and put themselves at risk of getting infected by the Coronavirus (or any virus at all).

Speaking of Coronavirus, there are a whole lot of Chinese nationals working and living in Parañaque in relation to the presence of POGOs (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators) in the city that ironically is fueling the local economy. Don’t forget that Parañaque is a hot spot for crime involving Chinese nationals. The City Government just announced that it is implementing the protocol of the Department of Health (DOH) on dealing with the Coronavirus. They are also watching closely the Chinese nationals and POGOs in the city.

Barangay BF Homes’ reaction to Cityhood Anniversary postponement

Going back to the postponement of most of the Cityhood Anniversary celebration this year, I reached out to Barangay BF Homes captain Paolo Marquez for a reaction. His answer below…

Although preparations are underway on our end, we welcome and support the call of the city government to postpone activities in the interest of everyone’s safety

Barangay BF Homes Captain Paolo Marquez

Captain Marquez also confirmed to me that their barangay has candidates for the Binibining Parañaque and the Gandang Mamita pageants.

At the same time, Barangay BF Homes Sangguniang Kabataan chairwoman Mariel Tumang added that her team made a lot of preparations for the Cityhood celebration before the postponement was done. I can only imagine their disappointment now that the preparations got wasted.

With the Cityhood celebration heavily reduced, it remains to be seen what the city’s barangays, the City Government itself and other stakeholders will do for the expected 2021 edition of the Cityhood Anniversary.

Right now, it is better to be safe than to have fun and get infected.

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