Mindbuilders Preschool Chopin Seniors 2020 Project: Making the world a better place one small step at a time!

Mindbuilders Preschool Chopin Seniors 2020 Project: Making the world a better place one small step at a time!

The Chopin Seniors 2020 with the children of San Roque de Alabang Parish, Rev. Fr. Rustico Cruz and the volunteers of San Roque, Mr. Nicolo Aberasturi of Down to Earth and the teachers and staff of Mindbuilders Preschool. Taken last Feb 1 during the feeding program and turnover ceremonies. (photo contributed by Mindbuilders Preschool)

Recently, Mindbuilders Preschool’s Kinder Class (Chopin Seniors 2020) organized a new project titled “Let’s Go and Grow!” which, unsurprisingly, turned out successful.

It all started in the first quarter when the children learned about food groups and the importance of eating nutritious food. They also learned that not everyone can afford it and some vegetables were sprayed with chemicals.

As such, the younglings thought of organizing a feeding program and raised funds by selling personally designed grocery bags. Along the way they also learned about urban farming (Aquaponics, Vegepod, Down to Earth Tower Garden) so people can plant their own vegetables and have regular access to organic vegetables.

One of the three Down to Earth Tower Gardens donated by the Mindbuilders Chopin Seniors 2020 to San Roque Parish. This is located at San Roque Catholic School Annex. (photo contributed by Mindbuilders Preschool)

On February 1, 2020, they had their feeding program for the children of San Roque De Alabang Parish Zone 9 and turned over three Down to Earth tower gardens to the community.

The Mindbuilders community were thanked for their support. Their team was led by the Kindergarten teachers Teacher Merv Lugtu, Teacher Issa Menchate and Teacher Lyn Salutan

About Mindbuilders Preschool

Mindbuilders Preschool is a Multiple Intelligence school located at 168 Tropical Avenue, BF International, Las Piñas City.  It was established in 2002 and is accredited by the Department of Education.  The preschool is also an active member of the Association of Las Piñas Private Schools.  To date, Mindbuilders Preschool established itself with not only good quality education but also worked with its students on several social responsibility projects.  The schools prides itself in having strong home and school collaboration.  The bond built with families is even carried beyond the child’s preschool years – evidence that Mindbuilders Preschool is more than just a learning institution.

Visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mindbuilderspreschool.page/ 

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