Barangay BF Homes Captain and SK Chair React to Senator Go’s Move

On the floor of the Philippine Senate, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go presented his proposal to make barangay officials regular government employees which drew reactions from two key officials of Barangay BF Homes in Parañaque City today.

Specifically, Senator Go presented Senate Bill Number 391 (SB 391) otherwise titled the Magna Carta for Barangays. He stated that there is a lack of regular salaries for barangay officials who have a lot of duties and responsibilities in their respective communities. This prompted him to make better compensation and benefits a reality for them.

If SB 391 ever gets approved, the head of the barangay (captain/chairperson), the barangay kagawads (the barangay council), the Sangguniang Kabataan head (SK chairperson), the barangay secretary and the barangay treasurer will be entitled to salaries, emoluments, allowances (example: transportation allowance), the 13th month pay and other benefits.

Reactions in Barangay BF Homes

My exclusive July 14, 2019 file photo of Barangay BF Homes captain Paolo Marquez (center) with the SK Kagawads, SK officials and SK chairperson Mariel Tumang (4th from left).

Upon hearing the news, I reached out to Barangay BF Homes chairman Paolo Marquez and Barangay BF Homes Sangguniang Kabataan (BFSK) chairperson Mariel Tumang for their respective reactions towards the proposal by Senator Go.

“It’s a relief to us in terms of benefits,” Barangay BF Homes captain Marquez said to me. “However, they first must look into amending the local government code in general since some important provisions are quite outdated already in terms of barangay administration and governance in general.”

For BFSK chairperson Mariel Tumang, Go’s move was good news not only for her but for many others in the barangay. Whether SB 391 will pass or not, she confirmed to me that she and the SK kagawads will focus on organizing and accomplishing projects and activities not only this year but also next year. Public service fulfillment is the priority for Tumang and the BFSK. In recent times, the BFSK organized the local Linggo ng Kabataan event as well as a seminar.

Going back to the Philippine Senate, SB 391 outlines the basic priorities in each barangay that include regular supply of clean/potable water, public transportation availability, barangay halls, etc.

If anything comes up regarding this development, it will be posted here.

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