Capturing the love between a kitten and the mother cat


There is nothing like capturing that one, hard-to-get moment of charm of pets with a camera.

Cats are quite challenging to photograph using a smartphone camera because they often move a lot and the result is often a blurry image. Luckily for me, I captured the above picture with my smartphone at the right moment resulting a clear image that captured the love a kitten has for the mother cat complete with that kiss.

If there is anything I learned as a community newspaper journalist with regards to photography, it’s that I have to time my shots well whether I used a smartphone camera or a standalone camera. It is also important to know how capable the camera is to not only capture the crucial moments but also process digitally the image with a high quality on sharpness, color, etc.

I’ll leave the picture her for your viewing pleasure. See you on my next post.

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