COVID-19 Crisis: Muntinlupa City’s adult recipients of first booster shots inch closer to 200,000

In the progressive City of Muntinlupa, the number of adult patients who received their first booster shots for COVID-19 is slowly approaching 200,000. Specifically, the count is just a little less than 190,000 according to a Manila Bulletin news report.

To put things in perspective, posted below is an excerpt from the Manila Bulletin. Some parts in boldface…

The total number of adults who have received their first booster shot against Covid-19 has increased to more than 188,000.

Data from the Muntinlupa City Health Office (CHO) showed that as of Sept. 20, the first booster shot recipients among the adult population in the city rose to 188,256, an increase of 1,758 people from 186,498 as of Sept. 14.

The total coverage is equivalent to 42.54 percent of the target population of 442,517, or 80 percent of the total Muntinlupa population of 553,146.

In addition, there are 33,977 individuals who have received their second booster shot in Muntinlupa.

Muntinlupa’s total fully vaccinated population stood at 524,527, or 118.53 percent of the target population and 94.48 percent of the total population.

Among the 12 to 17 years old in the city, 43,850 are fully vaccinated, or 77.61 percent of the total population of 56,499 for the age group. First booster dose recipients among them totaled 6,212.

The fully vaccinated among five to 11 years old totaled 20,215, or 29.64 percent of the total population of 68,198.

The Muntinlupa City government has been continuing with the Department of Health’s “Sa Booster Pinaslakas” program.

This aims to increase the coverage of booster shots to 50 percent of the total target population and vaccinate 90 percent of senior citizens nationwide before Oct. 8, which marks the first 100 days of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Let me end this by asking you readers: If you are a Muntinlupa City resident, what can you say about this newest development? Are there many members of your local community who are still hesitant about getting vaccinated for COVID-19? Did you notice if there were any anti-vaccine fanatics and liars who keep spreading fear and misinformation in your local community? Do you think that the anti-vaccine fanatics here in the Philippines are conspiring with the Communists, socialists, Marxists, SJWs and terrorists?

You may answer in the comments below. If you prefer to answer privately, you may do so by sending me a direct message online.


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