COVID-19 Crisis: More boosted patients – including the comorbid aged 18 to 49 – declared eligible for 2nd booster shot

Finally, the Department of Health (DOH) declared that more patients, specifically comorbid patients aged 18 to 49 years old as well as all patients aged 50-above, are eligible to avail of the 2nd booster shot for COVID-19, according to a Philippine News Agency (PNA) article. Take note that almost 16 million people here in the Philippines received their 1st booster shots while the 2nd booster shot was issued to a very specific, few types of patients. As such, only a small number of the boosted patients managed to get a 2nd booster shot.

To put things in perspective, posted below is an excerpt from the PNA. Some parts in boldface…

All adults aged 50 years old and above and individuals aged 18 years to 49 years with comorbidities can now receive a second booster or fourth dose of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccine.

This was after the Department of Health (DOH), through the National Covid-19 Vaccination Operations Center, issued the guidelines for its nationwide rollout.

In a statement Tuesday night, the DOH said the rollout follows the expansion of the emergency use authorization issued by the Food and Drug Administration, which allows certain Covid-19 vaccine brands to be used as second booster doses in the expanded population groups.

It also follows the recommendations provided by the Health Technology Assessment Council.

Pfizer (Tozinameran) and Moderna (Spikevax) are the only mRNA vaccine brands that could be used as a second booster shot, which must be administered at least four months after the first booster or the third dose was given.

Eligible individuals may receive their second booster shot from their local government units (LGUs) or vaccination sites nearest to them.

They are advised to bring their vaccination card and a valid ID.

A medical certificate is not required, even for individuals with comorbidities.

However, medical screeners or doctors at the vaccination sites are authorized to assess and determine whether an individual could or could not receive the second booster shot.

On Tuesday, the DOH launched the PinasLakas booster campaign across the country.

Vaccination activities will be conducted in schools, malls, plazas, and places of worship under the campaign, making Covid-19 vaccines and booster shots more accessible to the people.

As for the house-to-house vaccination, concerned individuals are encouraged to get in touch with their LGUs for guidelines and schedules.

“As vaccine immunity wanes over time, we are dedicated to helping our people remain protected against Covid-19. We are making it easier for as many of our people to avail of the primary series and boosters, including second boosters,” DOH Officer in Charge Maria Rosario Vergeire said.

Vaccination, paired with adherence to the minimum public health standards remains the “best defense” amid the pandemic, she added.

The above report ended stating that more than 71 million patients have been fully vaccinated (2 doses of most COVID-19 vaccines) as of July 25, 2022, and less than 16 million patients got their booster shots as of July 17, 2022. Recently it was reported that the number of patients who received the 2nd booster shot totaled 1.1 million.

This is so far the best news about the nation’s COVID-19 matters released so far. There are so many millions of fully vaccinated patients counted and only a minority of them got the 1st booster shot, while an even smaller minority of the boosted patients got the 2nd booster shot. Take note that there are some patients who received their first booster shot more than six months ago and have been waiting for the green light to get their 2nd booster shot. It took the DOH and other national authorities long but they finally made the moves to accommodate more patients. Clearly, making 2nd booster shots more available to the boosted patients of the Philippines is the right move.

No matter what the anti-vaccine fanatics out there say, COVID-19 is still the main problem, not vaccines and not vaccination. Clearly the anti-vaccine fanatics don’t have any solutions to the COVID-19 crisis. The anti-vaccine fanatics themselves are the additional problems for the entire nation which so happens to be connected to the Internet.

Let me end this by asking you readers: Are you a boosted patient who has been eagerly waiting for clearance to get the 2nd booster shot? If you are, how long has it been since you got the first booster shot and how long have you been waiting? Which brand of vaccine do you want for your 2nd booster shot, Pfizer or Moderna? Do you believe that the anti-vaccine fanatics of the Philippines have been hounding vaccinated patients to make vaccination efforts nationwide fail miserably?

You may answer in the comments below. If you prefer to answer privately, you may do so by sending me a direct message online.


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