Parañaque City mayoral candidate Jun Zaide emphasizes barangay power

In Parañaque City, voters will decide on May 9 who their next mayor will be to serve them for the period of mid-2022 to mid-2025. Recently, mayoral candidate and Barangay Baclaran captain Jun Zaide (for his social media, click here) was featured by the Manila Times and he confirmed that once he is in the Mayor’s Office, he would harness barangay power which means having the city’s sixteen barangays work in tandem to meet the needs of members of local communities while making Parañaque even better. Zaide has been leading the barangay of Baclaran since 2018 and his election campaign has been aggressive, transparent (at least on social media) and tireless.

To put things in perspective, posted below is the excerpt from the Manila Times article. Some parts in boldface…

JULIUS Anthony “Jun” Zaide believes that if the 16 barangay (villages) of Parañaque City link up and work together, they could be a force that would be more effective in responding to community issues like the coronavirus pandemic.

Zaide, chairman of Barangay Baclaran in Paranaque’s first district, plans to harness “barangay power” if he is elected mayor on May 9.

Speaking during The Manila Times roundtable Friday at the Barangay Baclaran hall, Zaide said he would “make Parañaque even better” by strengthening cooperation between village officials.

Barangay Baclaran chairman and mayoralty candidate Jun Zaide poses with people during one of his recent campaign events. (photo – sourced from Zaide’s official Facebook page)

He stressed that there must be an equal distribution of opportunities, basic necessities and beneficiary services in order to trigger hope and determination among Parañaque constituents who were affected by the pandemic.

“Ang tao hindi makikinig kapag hindi ka nagsusumikap. Pakitaan mo ng aksyon at determinasyon, susunod ‘yan. Sa Baclaran ay nagawa namin. Kaya naming gawin din ‘yan sa Parañaque (The people will not listen if you do not work hard. Show them action and determination. In Baclaran we did it. We can do the same in Parañaque),” he said.

Zaide plans to replicate his program as barangay chairman, the “Talakayan sa kalye” or dialog in the streets, in other villages, which institutionalizes regular consultations between village officials and their constituents.

He said his advocacy has always been to bring the government closer to the people and develop synergy.

Zaide said he was inspired by the dynamic leadership of the mayors of Pasig, Makati, San Juan and Manila, and wanted to adopt their style of leadership in Parañaque.

He said he was confident that as mayor, he could improve Parañaque’s current standing as the country’s fifth-richest local government unit (LGU).

He said among the programs he wanted to adopt were the employment of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and senior citizens in Manila, the scholarship grants received by Makati City’s students, and the free health care in San Juan City.

Zaide, who is running under Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) banner, is up against the brother of the incumbent mayor Edwin Olivarez, Rep. Eric Olivarez, who was the principal of Zaide’s alma mater, Olivarez College.

He said it was difficult running against Olivarez, the bet of Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Laban and the scion of Parañaque’s dominant political family, but added that entrenched politicians tend to grow complacent and less responsive to the people’s problems.

He said it was time Parañaque had a new, youthful leadership.

Let me end this piece by asking you readers: If you are living in Parañaque City, what is your impression about Barangay Baclaran captain Jun Zaide right now? Do you believe Zaide is principled and dedicated to serve as the next mayor of Parañaque? What city problems do you want Zaide to solve as mayor in the near future? Do you want Zaide to somehow end the city crime wave, including crimes that involved Chinese nationals? Do you believe that a Mayor Zaide will be able to unite all sixteen barangays to serve people better and improve Parañaque as a whole? Do you believe that entrenched politicians tend to grow complacent and less responsive to your problems? Are you satisfied with the quality of life and the local economy that Parañaque has since 2013? Will you vote for Zaide for Mayor on May 9?

You may answer in the comments below. If you prefer to answer privately, you may do so by sending me a direct message online.


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