COVID-19 Crisis: Marikina City Mayor Teodoro says use of face shields remains optional within the city

With the current surge of new COVID-19 infections affecting the Philippines as a whole, a lot of people have gotten worried about their health as well as the return of certain restrictions such as the mandatory use of face shields which themselves are known to be inconvenient to use and make verbal communication a chore.

In the City of Marikina, mayor Marcy Teodoro publicly clarified recently that the use of face shields within the city remains optional, not required, according to a Manila Bulletin news report. To be clear, Marikina’s City Government previously announced that face shield use was mandatory and the mayor had to make things clear.

To put things in perspective, posted below is the excerpt from the Manila Bulletin report. Some parts in boldface…

The Marikina City local government on Sunday, Jan. 9, clarified that the use of face shield in the city is still optional.

This after the city government announced the mandatory use of face shields in vaccination centers last Jan. 5.

“Nililinaw ng pamahalaang lungsod ng Marikina na hindi mandatory ang pagsusuot ng face shield sa siyudad (The Marikina City local government is clarifying that wearing of face shields is not mandatory in the city),” Mayor Marcelino Teodoro said in a statement.

He added that there is no affiliated penalty for residents who are not wearing face shields within the city.

Teodoro said wearing of face shields is just a part of the safety and additional precautions against the virus, especially in congested areas.

“Dahil ito nga ay optional, walang kaakibat na penalty o multa ang hindi pagsusuot ng face shield. Kundi ito ay bahagi lamang ng ibayong pag-iingat o added precaution sa crowded o congested areas (Because it is optional, there is no penalty or fine for not wearing a face shield. It is only part of the added precaution in crowded or congested areas),” the mayor said.

The city government, meanwhile, encouraged its residents to use face shields in crowded places for additional protection against COVID-19.

With COVID-19 infection very high nationwide, there were rumors floating around that a total lockdown would happen. The fact that the COVID-19 positivity within Metro Manila is high added to the anxieties and worries.

While the clarification on face shields made by Marikina’s mayor provided relief to their constituents, it is important for Metro Manila residents to watch closely the moves of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the mayors comprising the Metro Manila Council (MMC) with regards to implementing more restrictions in reaction to the COVID-19 surge.

Let me end this piece by asking you readers: Are you worried that the high COVID-19 infections of the nation will result another lockdown and the return of multiple restrictions? Are you willing to accept the mandatory use of face shields?

You may answer in the comments below. If you prefer to answer privately, you may do so by sending me a direct message online.


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