COVID-19 Crisis: Over 100,000 patients in Muntinlupa City fully vaccinated

In the City of Muntinlupa, the number of people who got fully vaccinated (injected with two doses of vaccine) has exceeded the 100,000 mark and it is further growing according to a news report by the Manila Bulletin.

To be exact, the number of fully vaccinated patients in the city is now at 114,182. Counting the fully vaccinated will be a bit tricky since Muntinlupa personnel have been vaccinating certain patients with the single-dose vaccine called Janssen produced by Johnson & Johnson. Getting vaccinated is more crucial than ever as the Delta variant is here in the Philippines and is infecting more people. Previously the City Government of Muntinlupa announced that the Delta variant has not been detected within the city. Considering how infectious the Delta variant really is, the City Government’s previous statement that minors are not to be vaccinated makes sense.

Metro Manila is currently under GCQ (general community quarantine) until July 31 at least and the curfew hours have been adjusted.

To put things in perspective, posted below is an excerpt from the report of the Manila Bulletin. Some parts in bold…

The Muntinlupa City government’s vaccination program has administered 288,638 doses of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine.

Data as of July 27 showed that of the total, 174,456 individuals have received their first dose, or 45.22 percent of the target population of 385,725.

For the second dose, 114,182 individuals are now fully vaccinated, or 29.6 percent of the target population. There are also 2,293 individuals who received the single shot Janssen vaccine and if these are included, there are now 116,475 individuals who are fully vaccinated in Muntinlupa.

Among the first dose recipients, 11,429 are A1 (health workers), 22,648 are A2 (senior citizens), 68,028 are A3 (persons with comorbidities), 59,462 are A4 (essential workers), and 12,889 are A5.

By vaccine brand, 105,886 received Sinovac Life Sciences’ CoronaVac, 35,723 got AstraZeneca, 3,879 were given Sputnik V, 24,575 got Pfizer-BioNTech, 2,100 had Moderna, and 2,293 got Janssen.

Of the 114,182 second dose recipients, 7,977 are A1, 16115 are A2, 48,642 are A3, 35,191 are A4, and 6,257 are A5.

By vaccine brand, 85,614 got Sinovac, 2,458 received AstraZeneca, 2,934 were given Sputnik V, and 23,176 had Pfizer-BioNTech.

The Muntinlupa City COVID-19 Vaccination Program (MunCoVac) team is currently completing the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech recipients whose schedules were postponed in the third week of July.

MunCoVac is also ramping up its efforts through home vaccination of bedridden individuals or those with limited mobility.

Apart from the Muntinlupa vaccination program, the OCTA Research Group urged the national government to go into a “circuit breaker” lockdown due to the spreading infection from the Delta variant according to a Manila Times news report.

With the Delta variant already infecting more people here in the Philippines, it is always best to be cautious when moving out in public while there is no lockdown in effect. Apart from wearing face masks and face shields, there is also the need to prioritize which places you need to visit and be mindful how crowded those places are. Those who have not been vaccinated should realize the tremendous risks that come with the Delta variant and they need to get registered and join the lines for vaccination. The COVID-19 vaccines are free by the way.

Residents of Muntinlupa City who remain unregistered and unvaccinated should make a move to get registered by learning the ways to do it. Those who are prepared (with personal information available) and willing to go through online registration for the free vaccines in Muntinlupa are encouraged to click

Let me end this piece by asking you readers: Do you believe that the City Government of Muntinlupa and its strategic partners will be able to fully vaccinate the 385,000+ they targeted before the year ends? Are there people in your local community who deliberately refrained from getting registered or vaccinated? Have you encountered someone who remains unvaccinated because he/she is very afraid of vaccines or needles or the idea of getting injected?

You may answer in the comments below. If you prefer to answer privately, you may do so by sending me a direct message online.


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