COVID-19 Crisis: 136,000+ Las Piñas residents vaccinated (as of June 14, 2021)

According to a news report by the Manila Bulletin, the local COVID-19 vaccination program of Las Piñas City has been picking up (citing Las Piñas City Representative and House Deputy Speaker Camille Villar) as over 136,000 residents have been vaccinated as of June 14, 2021. It should be noted that Representative Villar initiated an incentive program to encourage city residents to get vaccinated and the number of local residents vaccinated exceeded the 100,000 mark recently.

For relevance, watch this news video that involves Representative Villar and her program…

To put things in perspective, posted below is an excerpt from the Manila Bulletin’s report. Some parts in boldface…

Citing the latest data from the City Health Office, Deputy Speaker and Las Piñas City Camille Villar said the vaccination program in the city has continued to pick up.

Villar said that as of June 14, 136,733 of the city’s population have already received the jab. The city has a population of nearly 600,000, it was learned.

“We continue to encourage our kababayans to get themselves vaccinated to help protect them against COVID-19 and the threats of new variants,” said Villar.

The health office said there has been a 35.3% increase from the 101,059 total administered doses on June 8.

Further, 102,742 people have been vaccinated with a first dose, a 45.2% jump from 70,770 a week ago. Those vaccinated with the second dose rose by 12.2% to 33,991 from 30,289.

The local government started vaccinating economic frontliners or those under the A4 priority group last week as more vaccines are being deployed.

“These figures represent our relentless efforts toward reminding everyone about the positive effects of vaccination which gives full protection to everyone,” said the House leader.

Villar, who started a vaccine incentive program dubbed “May Bahay sa Bakuna” to boost inoculation rates within her constituency, also expressed gratitude to everyone who came forward in various vaccination sites which may have resulted in lower infection rates.

In other local developments, Robinsons Place Las Piñas along Alabang-Zapote Road became the city’s 18th vaccination site. Also the City Government announced a 4th method to help local residents get registered by means of using an app. See the visual references below.

Any Las Piñas resident who has yet to get registered for free COVID-19 vaccines can learn the ways (4 methods) by clicking here. Anyone who is ready and willing to register online can clickñasVaccination

Let me end this piece by asking you readers: If you are an unvaccinated Las Piñas resident, does Congresswoman Villar’s incentive program convince you to come out, get registered and line up for the free COVID-19 vaccine in your city? Are the house, consumable goods and motorcycles offered through said program very enticing to you personally? Knowing that a new method of registration is now in effect, does this encourage you to get registered?

If you are still unwilling to get vaccinated, what exactly are you afraid of? Do you have a phobia of needles? Did you hear too much about the potential side effects of the vaccines? Are you too scared to get out of your home because of COVID-19?

How exactly do you want your local officials to help you?

You may answer in the comments below. If you prefer to answer privately, you may do so by sending me a direct message online.


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