COVID-19 Crisis: Almost 700 Muntinlupa City residents vaccinated with Pfizer-BioNTech on first day of availability

Almost seven hundred residents in Muntinlupa City were vaccinated for COVID-19 (China Virus) with vaccines of Pfizer-BioNTech on the first day of availability which was May 14. To be more specific, the official count was at 677 residents. Previously the City Government of Muntinlupa announced that their initial supply of the said vaccines would be maxed out by tomorrow (May 18) due to their sensitivity.

To put things in perspective, below is an excerpt from the report of Manila Bulletin. Some parts in bold…

On the first day of the rollout of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in the city, 677 residents belonging to the A3 priority group, or persons with comorbidities, were inoculated.

The initial supply of the vaccine will be used by the city government from May 14 to 18 at its vaccination site at Ayala Malls South Park, the only venue approved by the Department of Health (DOH) due to handling requirements for Pfizer-BioNTech.

Before dilution, the vaccine needs to be stored at a temperature of -80 to -60 degrees Celsius.

After dilution, each vial of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine contains six doses of 0.3 mL each.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the vaccine is administered in two doses three weeks apart and is for people 16 years old and above.

The vaccine needs to be administered “within six hours from the time of dilution.”

Data from the Muntinlupa City Health Office (CHO) showed that as of May 14, a total of 29,436 residents have been vaccinated with their first dose.

Of the total, 5,171, or 17.57 percent, were health workers (A1); 5,400, or 18.34 percent, senior citizens (A2); and 18,817, or 63.93 percent, were persons with comorbidities (A3); and 48, or 0.16 percent, were A4, who are overseas Filipino workers sent by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) last May 1 during the Labor Day celebration.

By vaccine brand, 21,598 residents, or 73.37 percent, were given Sinovac Life Sciences’ CoronaVac; 4,182, or 14.21 percent, received AstraZeneca; 2,979 were administered the Sputnik V; and 677 were inoculated with Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

In addition, 9,399 residents also received their second dose of the vaccine using CoronaVac. Of the total, 1,772, or 18.85 percent, belonged to A1; 2,534, or 26.96 percent, were A2; 4,664, or 49.62 percent, were A3; and three, or 0.03 percent, were A4; and the remaining 426, or 4.53 percent, were administered at a hospital.

In total, 38,835 first and second doses have been administered in Muntinlupa.

As revealed in the above details, Muntinlupa’s local vaccination program continues to get more residents vaccinated while also doing the difficult task of managing the supplies of vaccines, some of which are really delicate and require special handling.

To all residents of Muntinlupa reading this…you are all encouraged to register in the city’s COVID-19 Vaccination Registration System via Only those who got registered will be notified via email and text message. As such, you must monitor your mobile phone’s text messages as well as your email. Be patient as the vaccination program organizers work to sort out who registered and categorize them.


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