COVID-19 Crisis: Muntinlupa Council for the Protection of Children raises concern over rising COVID-19 cases among the youth

Muntinlupa City Mayor Jaime Fresnedi in a crucial meeting. (source – Muntinlupa PIO)

The Muntinlupa City Council for the Protection of Children (MCCPC) expressed concerns over the alarming increase of COVID-19 cases among the youth and issued advise to parents to exercise strict guidance for their children.

Mayor Jaime R. Fresnedi who also serves as the MCCPC chairperson called for an emergency meeting last August 17 to convene council members and barangay representatives to discuss course of action on how to address the health crisis among the youth.

City Health Officer Dra. Teresa Tuliao said they have recorded rising COVID-19 cases among the 0-19 age group and noted that possible transmission may have occurred from playing outside of their homes or visiting public parks and playgrounds.

As of August 16, CHO recorded 62 confirmed cases on children from the city’s eight barangays.

Tuliao discussed that some of the children who tested positive for COVID-19 violated quarantine protocols such as staying in their homes. She said some patients could have contracted the virus from face-to-face meeting with their peers while playing video games, and others from contact with their partners.

She also noted that teenage pregnancy also emerged as one of the pressing issues among the youth during the community quarantine. CHO recorded an increase of teenage pregnancies from 181 cases on the First Quarter to 234 cases on the Second Quarter of this year.

Muntinlupa PNP chief of police PCOL Melecio Buslig Jr. said he will order augmentation of police personnel in public parks and hotspots of COVID-19 transmission as determined by the council.

Buslig said additional roving and stationary officers will be installed to ensure that no children will be roaming outside their homes and other public spaces.

MCCPC is set to submit a resolution recommending the review of existing ordinances on curfew hours and strict wearing of face masks, including “incentivizing” best practices of communities with regard to the fight against COVID-19.

Further, the local council also recommends for the mobilization of homeowners’ associations (HOAs) to augment monitoring in the communities and creation of series of social media content and other information campaigns to bolster information dissemination of city ordinances.

Mayor Fresnedi urged the youth and their parents to exercise vigilance and strict compliance to IATF guidelines and health protocols especially amid the shift to the more relaxed General Community Quarantine.

Muntinlupa City has 2,654 confirmed cases with 1,673 recoveries, 882 active cases, 99 reported deaths, 1,060 suspect cases, and 795 probable cases as of August 18.


Latest City Government of Muntinlupa details sourced from their official media release. Some parts were edited for this website.

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