A Look Back At Exiles #1 (Ultraverse)

Published in 1993 by Malibu Comics, Exiles #1 of the Ultraverse is a fun and intriguing comic book to read.

The story begins at Parkmoore High School with an introductory look at a blonde student named Amber who was already feeling bored in class when a disaster happens. Suddenly some individuals – a few wearing tights and a few wearing armor – appeared and both of them are interested in Amber.

A battle takes place with destruction and a few deaths (not the civilians) happening Amber to be confused.

A quick action scene involving Amber.

The short battle ends with the guys in tights taking Amber with them. A short time later, Amber finds herself in the Stronghold and it turns out the group that took her was the Exiles.

Still disoriented, Amber feels like a prisoner than a guest of the Exiles. Dr. Rachel Deming (The Keeper) approaches hers to explain what’s been going on and why they have her far away from home.

“We’ve been looking for you and others like you for a long time,” said Deming.

Amber replied, “I want to go home!”

Deming responds to her by saying that her life is in great danger and going home is not an option.

Deming further tries to make Amber understand the situation better saying, “I will try to explain this once, Ms. Hunt. My people are out there putting their lives on the line right now for another potential like yourself.”

Still confused, Amber asks questions. Dr. Deming, feeling annoyed at the guest’s confusion, excused herself to attend to another matter within the Exiles.

If you want to know the complete story, I recommend buying a copy of Exiles #1 if you can find any.

Really deep impact with the explosion.


Exiles #1’s credits include Steve Gerber, Tom Mason, Dave Olbrich and Chris Ulm as the writers while Paul Pelletier was the penciller supported by inking by Ken Branch.

What I like about the story is that it works fast on establishing the Exiles as a team told mainly through the eyes of Amber. It’s easy for a reader like me to relate with Amber as she discovers the Exiles and struggles to understand why she is a target by not one but two groups of people.

Furthermore, there is a corporate culture angle on the story especially with the other group opposing the Exiles. It’s nice to see how the comic book pays good attention to the other group and in quick fashion, the group’s ruthlessness is emphasized as they make preparations (read: unethical scientific alterations of human genetics). Malcom Kort wants an army of superhumans to fight for his cause and his own vision of the future of mankind.

Overall, Exiles #1 is engaging to read and if you plan to buy a copy of it, be sure to buy the succeeding issues so that you will get to see more of its concept. I also like Paul Pelletier’s style art which has a cartoony look and yet has a strong sense of action that easily reminded me I’m reading a superhero comic book. Go for a copy of Exiles #1 at your local comic book store or by contacting a fellow comic book collector.

The cover of Exiles #1.

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