My Observations: Mardi Gras Bazaar 3 at Madison Galeries

Hey everyone! This morning I made the trip to Madison Galeries in Barangay Cupang, Alabang, Muntinlupa City to visit their Mardi Gras Bazaar 3 activity which was held at their 3rd floor facility. The bazaar, which is my first time to visit and look around, officially opened today and will last until tomorrow (November 24).

Upon entering the Madison Events Place, I saw sections of many kinds of products displayed and waiting to be sold. Already there were lots of people shopping, looking for the best deals and trying to decide which items to buy for their needs or for gift-giving this Christmas.

Lots of nice looking stuff at this side of the venue.
Wanna save P349.75 for a rice cooker that also serves as a lunch heater?

What caught my attention instantly were the discounted rates on all the products offered. There were these electric fans of varied sizes (from the personal mini-fans to the desk fans) that had these attractive prices. The same can be said about pillows, dolls, tumblers, rice cookers, toys, home appliances, some electronic products and many other times that were displayed.

After looking around initially and carefully analyzing what to choose for Christmas gift-giving (which is the main purpose of my visit today), I finally went ahead choosing five items. Because I did not have a bag, I carefully picked the five items and carried them as I lined up for checkout.

The products for sale were placed in an organized fashion.
This where customers line up for check-out and paying. There were sufficient people assisting.

At the cashier, an assistant helped me put the items for checking. I asked if they had a bag I could use to carry them on my way out, and the lady behind the counter said they had one for P25. After agreeing to it, they brought out a really large shopping bag. It was so large, there was still a lot of vacant space inside even though my items were in it. The shopping bag is reusable and I like that!

And so I left Mardi Gras Bazaar 3 feeling happy and satisfied. I achieved my objective of finding some good items for Christmas gift-giving. Now I’ll have to wrap these items.

For those of you reading this, I highly recommend going to Mardi Gras Bazaar 3 at Madison Galeries ASAP if you really have to shop for your needs or for your Christmas gift-giving plans. Tomorrow is the last day already! Today was my first time ever to attend a Mardi Gras Bazaar at the Alabang shopping mall, and it was a good experience.

Oh yes, I should mention that Madison Galeries has a very nice looking Christmas tree at the ground floor that you should see. Really nice for picture taking!

I like this very much!


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